After the start of each course listed below, students are eligible for math tutoring, pending tutor availability.

  • Algebra QL I MTH1151
  • Statistics QL II MTH1152
  • Business Statistics BUS3020
  • Quantitative Analysis GBA609

Pre-Course Mathematics Workshops

The Adult Studies Center (ASC) offers math workshops prior to the beginning of specific math classes to help students prepare. These    pre-course workshops are free of charge to all students in the School for Professional Studies. A qualified, trained workshop leader will conduct each workshop in a small group setting. The ASC will notify students in advance of upcoming pre-course workshops.  Participation is voluntary; however, enrollment is strongly encouraged.

Currently, the ASC conducts the following pre-course workshops:

  • Pre-Algebra (for students entering MTH1151)
  • Excel Statistics ( for students entering MTH1152 and BUS3020)
  • Excel for Quantitative Analysis (for students entering GBA609)

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