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Term: Summer 2 2014

Please note: All dance classes are listed under the Theatre (THA) department.

Department Course ID Location/Type Section Course Offering List Credits Instructor(s) Room ID Days Start Time End Time Status Current Students Max Students Unofficial Students Textbook ISBN(s) New Textbook Price(s) *
ACC2102 - NPrinciples of Accounting II4.00Cancelled-TBDTR5:30 PM9:45 PMCancelled0150Contact Instructor -
BIO1110 - APrinciples of Environmental Science4.00CancelledESC-LabTWR9:00 AM12:00 PMCancelled0200Contact Instructor -
BUS1010 - NPrinciples of Management4.00Cancelled-TBDTR5:30 PM9:45 PMCancelled0150Contact Instructor -
BUS3030 - NOrganizational Behavior4.00McHugh, Steven LIT-104MW5:30 PM9:45 PMOpen14150Contact Instructor -
BUS3110 - NOperations Management4.00McHugh, Steven LIT-104TR5:30 PM9:45 PMOpen5150Contact Instructor -
ECO1001 - NEconomics4.00Zelman, Louis LAX-103MW5:30 PM9:45 PMOpen3150Contact Instructor -
ENG0010 - ACollege English Skills - STEP (6/30/14-7/24/14)0.00Simmons, MaryAnn LAX-101MTWR10:30 AM12:25 PMClosed9150Contact Instructor -
ENG0010 - BCollege English Skills - EOP (7/7/14-8/14/14)0.00Severe, Richard LAX-102MTWR1:00 PM2:50 PMClosed12200Contact Instructor -
ENG0010 - CCollege English Skills - STEP (6/30/14-7/24/14)0.00Simmons, MaryAnn LAX-102MTWR8:30 AM10:25 AMClosed9150Contact Instructor -
ENG1001 - AComposition & Rhetoric (International Only)4.00Polak, Michele LAX-104MTWR9:00 AM11:30 AMOpen7200Contact Instructor -
ESL2015 - AIntensive English Program for Academic Purposes4.00Freeman, Erica LIT-101MTWR9:00 AM11:30 AMOpen8200Contact Instructor -
ESL2015 - BIntensive English Program for Academic Purposes4.00Sferra, Brian LIT-105MTWR9:00 AM11:30 AMOpen10200Contact Instructor -
ESL2015 - DIntensive English Program for Academic Purposes4.00Freeman, Erica LIT-101MTWR12:30 PM2:30 PMOpen10200Contact Instructor -
ESL2015 - EIntensive English Program for Academic Purposes4.00Sferra, Brian LIT-105MTWR12:30 PM2:30 PMOpen12200Contact Instructor -
IND1004 - AIndependent Study for 4 Credits4.00STAFF, STAFF -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen0100Contact Instructor -
IND4004 - BInd Study/Sales and Sales Management (BUS4410)4.00Naasz, Kathleen -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen110Contact Instructor -
INT1002 - AInternship for 2 Credits2.00STAFF, STAFF -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen0200Contact Instructor -
INT1002 - BInternship/Centenary College-Public Relations2.00Lev, Deborah -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMClosed110Contact Instructor -
INT1002 - CInternship/Hearst Digital Media - Shelter Group2.00Polak, Michele -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMClosed110Contact Instructor -
INT1002 - DInternship/97.5 The Fanatic2.00Mendres, Matthew -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen110Contact Instructor -
LAS1002 - AAcademic Applications In Learning Theory-STEP(6/30-7/24/14)2.00Poisseroux, Linda LAX-101MTWR8:30 AM10:25 AMClosed9150Contact Instructor -
LAS1002 - BAcademic Applications In Learning Theory-STEP(6/30-7/24/14)2.00Poisseroux, Linda LAX-102MTWR10:30 AM12:25 PMClosed9150Contact Instructor -
LAS1005 - AAcademic Applications in Learning Theory-EOP(7/7-8/14/14)4.00Reinschmidt, Richard LAX-102MTWR3:00 PM5:10 PMClosed12200Contact Instructor -
MTH0100 - ADevelopmental Math - STEP (6/30/14-7/24/14)0.00Cancelled-TBDMTWR1:30 PM3:25 PMCancelled0200Contact Instructor -
MTH0100 - NDevelopmental Math - EOP (7/7/14-8/14/14)0.00Jeter, Michael LC-253MTW6:15 PM9:00 PMClosed12200Contact Instructor -
MTH2152 - ACalculus II4.00Search, Robert J.LIT-105MW4:00 PM8:15 PMOpen2200Contact Instructor -
PSY3024 - NAbnormal Psychology4.00Botkin, Dejaye LAX-103TR5:30 PM9:45 PMOpen4250Contact Instructor -
SOC1007 - AAmerican Culture4.00Reinschmidt, Richard LC-243MTWR9:00 AM11:30 AMOpen11200Contact Instructor -
SOC1007 - BAmerican Culture4.00Brown, Sonia LC-253MTWR9:00 AM11:30 AMOpen11200Contact Instructor -
SOC1007 - CAmerican Culture4.00Reinschmidt, Richard LC-243MTWR12:30 PM2:30 PMOpen13200Contact Instructor -
SOC1007 - DAmerican Culture4.00Brown, Sonia LC-253MTWR12:30 PM2:30 PMOpen12200Contact Instructor -
* - All prices are subject to change without notice.
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