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Term: Fall 2014

Please note: All dance classes are listed under the Theatre (THA) department.

Department Course ID Location/Type Section Course Offering List Credits Instructor(s) Room ID Days Start Time End Time Status Current Students Max Students Unofficial Students Textbook ISBN(s) New Textbook Price(s) *
ACC2101 - APrinciples of Accounting I (Bus/Acctg Soph Only)4.00Ford, James LIT-105MW10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen15160Contact Instructor -
ACC2101 - BPrinciples of Accounting I (Bus/Acctg Soph Only)4.00Ford, James LIT-105TR10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen19160Contact Instructor -
ACC2101 - CPrinciples of Accounting I4.00Ford, James LIT-105TR2:00 PM3:40 PMOpen16160Contact Instructor -
ACC2102 - NPrinciples of Accounting II4.00Downey, Joseph LIT-105M6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen17160Contact Instructor -
ACC3301 - NIntermediate Accounting I4.00Newburgh, Karen LC-243R6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen9160Contact Instructor -
ACC3401 - NFederal Income Taxation4.00Downey, Joseph LIT-102T6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen16160Contact Instructor -
ACC4201 - NAdvanced Accounting4.00Newburgh, Karen SEA-302W6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen12160Contact Instructor -
AFC1001 - ASucceeding in the Social Sciences4.00Petersen, George RobertSEA-206TR10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen11170Contact Instructor -
AFC1001 - BCareers in Criminal Justice4.00Linne, Christopher FER-23TR10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen14170Contact Instructor -
AFC1001 - CPsychology of Dreams4.00Morgen, Keith BRO-101TR10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen16250Contact Instructor -
AFC1001 - DThe Panda's Thumb (Sciences)4.00Bergey, Lauren LESC-ClassroomTR10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen19200Contact Instructor -
AFC1001 - EHats: Fashion and Function 4.00Sharp, Julia MLIT-102TR10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen13160Contact Instructor -
AFC1001 - FWhat is Art? (Theatre/Graphic Design/Art)4.00Davis, Stephen MichaelFER-11TR10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen11160Contact Instructor -
AFC1001 - GThe Art of Debate (English/Undecided)4.00Young, Arlene BRO-004TR10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen11170Contact Instructor -
AFC1001 - HMedia Literacy (Communications/Film/Radio/TV)4.00Mendres, Matthew LIT-101TR10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen9250Contact Instructor -
AFC1001 - ICareers in the Equine Industry 4.00Simms, Sarah JBRO-008TR10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen13150Contact Instructor -
AFC1001 - JCareers in the Equine Industry 4.00Brown, Octavia J.LAX-102TR10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen13150Contact Instructor -
AFC1001 - KCareers in the Equine Industry 4.00Taylor, Lynn E.SEA-305TR10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen14150Contact Instructor -
AFC1001 - LPerspectives in Business4.00Veronda, Cheryl LAX-101TR10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen12210Contact Instructor -
AFC1001 - MPerspectives in Business 4.00Perricone, David TRE-13TR10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen24210Contact Instructor -
AFC1001 - NReality Television (Undecided)4.00Floether, Christine FER-RECITAL HALLTR10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen11160Contact Instructor -
AFC1001 - OThose Who Can, Teach (Elementary Education)4.00Saba, Simon BRO-101MW8:00 AM9:40 AMOpen16180Contact Instructor -
AFC1001 - PCurrent Topics in American Education (Secondary Education)4.00Russell, Michael CharlesBRO-104MW8:00 AM9:40 AMOpen11180Contact Instructor -
AFC1001 - QCreativity in Fashion4.00Hartman, Phyllis BRO-003TR10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen13160Contact Instructor -
AFC1001 - RPerspectives in Business4.00Avallone, Jessica SEA-306TR10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen11170Contact Instructor -
ART1001 - NArt Appreciation4.00Franklin, Megan FER-12M6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen21250Contact Instructor -
ART1001 - PArt Appreciation4.00Coco, Joseph LIT-105W6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen24250Contact Instructor -
ART1003 - ADesign and Color Fundamentals4.00Yoo, Hyo-Chong TRE-35TR2:00 PM4:20 PMOpen14170Contact Instructor -
ART1005 - ADrawing I4.00Yoo, Hyo-Chong TRE-32MW12:30 PM2:40 PMOpen14160Contact Instructor -
ART1007 - ADrawing for Fashion4.00Balchunas, Barbara TRE-32TR5:00 PM7:20 PMOpen9160Contact Instructor -
ART1099 - NSpec Top: Chinese Brush Painting2.00Yoo, Hyo-Chong TRE-35M6:00 PM8:30 PMOpen6120Contact Instructor -
ART1099 - PSpec Top: Ceramics2.00Lid, Charles TRE-35W6:00 PM8:30 PMOpen14160Contact Instructor -
ART2001 - AHistory of Art (Blended)4.00Franklin, Megan FER-12M4:00 PM5:40 PMOpen15250Contact Instructor -
ART2002 - AHistory of Modern Art4.00Coco, Joseph LAX-103WF1:00 PM2:40 PMOpen11250Contact Instructor -
ART2013 - APainting I4.00Yoshimine, Carol TRE-31MW12:00 PM1:50 PMClosed6100Contact Instructor -
ART3008 - APhotography I2.00Eberle, Robert TRE-11T5:00 PM7:20 PMOpen680Contact Instructor -
ART3009 - APhotography II2.00Cancelled-TBD 12:00 AM12:00 PMCancelled080Contact Instructor -
ART3010 - APrintmaking I4.00Yoshimine, Carol TRE-35TR10:00 AM12:20 PMOpen580Contact Instructor -
ART3013 - APainting III4.00Yoshimine, Carol TRE-31MW9:30 AM11:20 AMOpen4100Contact Instructor -
BIO1105 - NHuman Nutrition and Performance4.00Harless, Meagan LeighTRE-22TR6:00 PM7:40 PMOpen19200Contact Instructor -
BIO1105 - OL-1Human Nutrition and Performance (8/27/14-10/18/14)4.00Harless, Meagan LeighONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen15160Contact Instructor -
BIO1105 - OL-2AHuman Nutrition and Performance (10/19/14-12/13/14)4.00Murray, Paula ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen15160Contact Instructor -
BIO1105 - OL-2BHuman Nutrition and Performance (10/19/14-12/13/14)4.00Buschgans, Katlyn ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen13160Contact Instructor -
BIO1110 - APrinciples of Environmental Science4.00Harless, Meagan LeighESC-LabMW10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen15200Contact Instructor -
BIO1110 - OL-1Principles of Environmental Science (8/27/14-10/18/14)4.00Murray, Paula ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen7160Contact Instructor -
BIO1110 - OL-2Principles of Environmental Science (10/19/14-12/13/14)4.00CancelledONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMCancelled0160Contact Instructor -
BIO1150 - ABiology of Plants and Cells4.00Bucci, Joseph GregoryTRE-21MW10:00 AM11:10 AMOpen20200Contact Instructor -
 TRE-22W6:00 PM9:00 PM 
BIO1150 - BBiology of Plants and Cells4.00Buschgans, Katlyn TRE-21MW10:00 AM11:10 AMOpen16200Contact Instructor -
 TRE-22F9:00 AM12:00 PM 
BIO1200 - AMarine Biology4.00Bergey, Lauren LESC-LabMW12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen16200Contact Instructor -
BIO2200 - AAnatomy and Physiology I4.00Bucci, Joseph GregoryTRE-22T1:30 PM4:00 PMOpen18200Contact Instructor -
 TRE-22TR8:00 AM9:10 AM 
BIO3200 - AComparative Vertebrate Anatomy4.00Bucci, Joseph GregoryTRE-22MW8:00 AM9:10 AMOpen12200Contact Instructor -
 TRE-22W12:30 PM3:00 PM 
BIO3500 - AMicrobiology4.00Bucci, Joseph GregoryTRE-22R1:30 PM4:00 PMOpen11200Contact Instructor -
 TRE-22TR12:00 PM1:10 PM 
BIO4000 - AEcology4.00Harless, Meagan LeighESC-LabTR10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen7200Contact Instructor -
BIO4200 - ABiochemistry4.00Spina, Mary Beth TRE-21MW8:00 AM9:10 AMOpen8200Contact Instructor -
 TRE-27M12:00 PM2:00 PM 
BUS1001 - AIntegrated Business Perspectives4.00Cancelled-TBDMW8:00 AM9:40 AMCancelled0160Contact Instructor -
BUS1001 - BIntegrated Business Perspectives4.00McHugh, Steven LIT-104MW12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen13200Contact Instructor -
BUS1001 - CIntegrated Business Perspectives4.00McHugh, Steven LIT-104TR10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen15200Contact Instructor -
BUS1002 - ABusiness Applications and Presentations(Bus/Acctg Frsh Only)4.00Cooper, Steven LIT-102MW10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen21200Contact Instructor -
BUS1002 - BBusiness Applications and Presentations(Bus/Acctg Frsh Only)4.00Avallone, Jessica SEA-306TR12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen20200Contact Instructor -
BUS1002 - CBusiness Applications and Presentations4.00Walker, Joshua LC-243TR4:00 PM5:40 PMOpen18200Contact Instructor -
BUS1010 - NPrinciples of Management4.00Hess, Philip LIT-105T6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen18180Contact Instructor -
BUS1010 - PPrinciples of Management4.00McHugh, Steven LIT-104R6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen18180Contact Instructor -
BUS1050 - NSocial Responsibility in Business4.00DiGiovanni, Yesenia SEA-205M6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen16200Contact Instructor -
BUS1050 - OL-1Social Responsibility in Business (8/27/14-10/18/14)4.00DiGiovanni, Yesenia ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen14140Contact Instructor -
BUS2005 - ACareer Development (Blended)2.00Perricone, David LAX-103M4:00 PM5:40 PMOpen6140Contact Instructor -
BUS2010 - APrinciples of Marketing (Bus/Acctg Soph Only)4.00Cooper, Steven SEA-306MW8:00 AM9:40 AMOpen10160Contact Instructor -
BUS2010 - BPrinciples of Marketing4.00McPartland, John SEA-205TR8:00 AM9:40 AMOpen15160Contact Instructor -
BUS2010 - CPrinciples of Marketing (Bus/Acctg Soph Only)4.00Veronda, Cheryl LAX-102TR12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen16160Contact Instructor -
BUS2010 - OL-2Principles of Marketing (10/19/14-12/13/14)4.00Naasz, Kathleen ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen11140Contact Instructor -
BUS2020 - NManagement Information Systems4.00Palatini, Lance TRE-30W6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen16200Contact Instructor -
BUS2030 - APrinciples of Finance4.00Benbow, Dana LIT-104MW4:00 PM5:40 PMOpen17160Contact Instructor -
BUS2030 - NPrinciples of Finance4.00Van Houten, Michael LAX-102R6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen9160Contact Instructor -
BUS2060 - AEnactus I: Social Entrepreneurship4.00Naasz, Kathleen LIT-105MW12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen17220Contact Instructor -
BUS2099 - ASpecial Topic: Sports Finance4.00Cancelled-TBDMW12:00 PM1:40 PMCancelled0160Contact Instructor -
BUS2099 - BSpecial Topic: Internship Preparation (Blended)2.00Cancelled-TBDW4:00 PM5:40 PMCancelled0140Contact Instructor -
BUS3010 - ABusiness Law4.00Nader, Lorrie LC-243MW12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen19200Contact Instructor -
BUS3010 - BBusiness Law4.00Zelman, Louis LAX-102TR4:00 PM5:40 PMOpen16200Contact Instructor -
BUS3020 - ABusiness Statistics4.00Benbow, Dana LIT-104MW8:00 AM9:40 AMOpen16160Contact Instructor -
BUS3020 - BBusiness Statistics4.00Benbow, Dana LIT-104TR8:00 AM9:40 AMOpen10160Contact Instructor -
BUS3020 - NBusiness Statistics4.00Marshall, Thomas SEA-306T6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen17160Contact Instructor -
BUS3030 - AOrganizational Behavior4.00Poisseroux, Linda LIT-104TR2:00 PM3:40 PMOpen19160Contact Instructor -
BUS3030 - NOrganizational Behavior4.00Jackowitz, Ronald FER-12W6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen16200Contact Instructor -
BUS3099 - NSpec Top: Professional Selling in Sports4.00Cancelled-TBDM6:00 PM9:35 PMCancelled0180Contact Instructor -
BUS3110 - AOperations Management4.00McHugh, Steven LIT-104MW10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen17180Contact Instructor -
BUS3110 - BOperations Management4.00McHugh, Steven LIT-104TR12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen18180Contact Instructor -
BUS3120 - AHuman Resources Management4.00Tyson, Diana LC-253MW4:00 PM5:40 PMOpen20200Contact Instructor -
BUS3120 - NHuman Resources Management4.00Cancelled-TBDM6:00 PM9:35 PMCancelled0160Contact Instructor -
BUS3130 - NIndividual and Team Management4.00Stone, James SEA-306M6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen20200Contact Instructor -
BUS3330 - NInvestment Analysis4.00Marshall, Thomas LC-243M6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen11160Contact Instructor -
BUS3410 - NMarketing Research4.00Poisseroux, Linda FER-21W6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen19200Contact Instructor -
BUS3540 - ASports Marketing4.00Perricone, David SEA-205MW10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen12180Contact Instructor -
BUS4010 - ABusiness Strategy (Blended)4.00Naasz, Kathleen LIT-105F10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen24240Contact Instructor -
BUS4010 - NBusiness Strategy4.00Esposito, Lee LIT-101R6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen20220Contact Instructor -
BUS4220 - ALeadership & Problem Solving in Sports4.00Perricone, David TRE-13TR12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen14180Contact Instructor -
BUS4310 - NFinancial Research and Analysis4.00Benbow, Dana LIT-104T6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen10160Contact Instructor -
BUS4410 - ASales and Sales Management4.00Savard, Maurice LC-253TR8:00 AM9:40 AMOpen13180Contact Instructor -
BUS4420 - NAdvertising Management & Integrated Mktg Communications4.00Perricone, Joseph FER-11M6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen17200Contact Instructor -
CHM1050 - ABasic Chemistry4.00Spina, Mary Beth TRE-21TR8:30 AM9:40 AMOpen11120Contact Instructor -
 TRE-27T12:00 PM2:00 PM 
CHM1050 - BBasic Chemistry4.00Cancelled-TBDT2:00 PM4:00 PMCancelled0120Contact Instructor -
 -TBDTR8:30 AM9:40 AM 
CHM1100 - AGeneral Chemistry I4.00Spina, Mary Beth TRE-21TR10:00 AM11:10 AMOpen10120Contact Instructor -
 TRE-27W10:00 AM12:00 PM 
CHM1100 - BGeneral Chemistry I4.00Spina, Mary Beth TRE-21TR10:00 AM11:10 AMOpen11120Contact Instructor -
 TRE-27R12:00 PM2:00 PM 
CHM2050 - AOrganic Chemistry I4.00Chohan, Balwant TRE-27R4:00 PM7:00 PMOpen8200Contact Instructor -
 TRE-30R8:00 AM10:20 AM 
CJS1001 - AIntroduction to the Criminal Justice System (Majors Only)4.00Cetuk, Norman FER-12MW12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen24250Contact Instructor -
CJS1001 - NIntroduction to the Criminal Justice System4.00Linne, Christopher FER-22W6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen11250Contact Instructor -
CJS2010 - ACorrections, Probation and Parole (Blended)4.00Petersen, George RobertSEA-206M8:00 AM9:40 AMOpen18250Contact Instructor -
CJS2015 - ACrime Scene Photography4.00Cetuk, Norman FER-21TR10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen16200Contact Instructor -
CJS2035 - AForensic Science4.00Stavash, John MFER-21T2:30 PM5:50 PMOpen18200Contact Instructor -
 TRE-22M6:00 PM9:20 PM 
CJS2040 - AIntroduction to Law Enforcement4.00Petersen, George RobertSEA-206MW10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen26250Contact Instructor -
CJS2045 - AJuvenile Justice and School Resources4.00Adams , Arthur LAX-101TR8:00 AM9:40 AMOpen14250Contact Instructor -
CJS2050 - NLaws of Criminal Evidence4.00Francis, Mark FER-22T6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen12250Contact Instructor -
CJS2055 - NOrganized Crime and Gang Organization4.00Bietka, Edward SEA-305W6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen14150Contact Instructor -
CJS2065 - NWhite Collar Crime & Fraud Investigation4.00Majeski, William J.BRO-008M6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen14250Contact Instructor -
CJS2099 - OLSpec Top: Cyber Crime (8/27/14-12/13/14)4.00Petersen, George RobertONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen17160Contact Instructor -
CJS3001 - NCriminology4.00Cancelled-TBDR6:00 PM9:35 PMCancelled0250Contact Instructor -
CJS3005 - NCrisis Intervention in Public Safety4.00Lubas, Peter TRE-30T6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen15150Contact Instructor -
CJS3020 - NLeadership for Police Field Commanders4.00Kunz, Leonard LAX-104W6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen9250Contact Instructor -
CJS3025 - OLPolice Organization and Administration (8/27/14-12/13/14)4.00LaRaia, William ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen10150Contact Instructor -
CJS3099 - NSpec Top: Intro to Law4.00Cancelled-TBDW6:00 PM9:35 PMCancelled0250Contact Instructor -
CJS4001 - ASenior Seminar in Criminal Justice (Seniors Only)4.00Linne, Christopher FER-23TR8:00 AM9:40 AMOpen14150Contact Instructor -
COM1003 - APracticum: The Quill2.00Lev, Deborah LC-NewsroomT2:00 PM3:10 PMOpen6200Contact Instructor -
COM1004 - APracticum: The Hack2.00Hyle-Prime, Justine LC-NewsroomW4:00 PM5:40 PMOpen8250Contact Instructor -
COM1011 - AMass Media4.00Lev, Deborah LC-253MW10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen25250Contact Instructor -
COM1011 - BMass Media4.00Potters, Lewis FER-12MW10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen20250Contact Instructor -
COM1011 - CMass Media4.00Giobbi, Matthew FER-12TR12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen22250Contact Instructor -
COM1014 - AFilm Appreciation4.00Gavrilovic, Boris FER-12TR2:00 PM3:40 PMOpen25250Contact Instructor -
COM2011 - AIntroduction to Journalism4.00Lev, Deborah LC-253MW12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen18250Contact Instructor -
COM2030 - NFilm and Philosophy4.00Adamo, Christopher FER-21M6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen18250Contact Instructor -
COM2040 - AGreat Directors4.00Gavrilovic, Boris LC-243TR10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen14250Contact Instructor -
COM2111 - AGlobal Cinema4.00Lev, Deborah LC-253TR12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen10250Contact Instructor -
COM3025 - AAdvanced Television Production4.00Mendres, Matthew LC-Lackland TV StuMW12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen8150Contact Instructor -
COM3042 - ADigital Filmmaking4.00Gavrilovic, Boris LAX-104MW10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen11250Contact Instructor -
COM4018 - ASenior Communication Project4.00Mendres, Matthew -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen15150Contact Instructor -
DES1007 - AIntroduction to Computer Graphics4.00Caal, Gary LIT-103WF10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen15160Contact Instructor -
DES2007 - AHistory of Graphic Design4.00Aktan, Mukbil LIT-103R2:00 PM5:20 PMOpen13160Contact Instructor -
DES2008 - ATypography4.00Pohl, Barbara ALIT-103TR10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen12160Contact Instructor -
DES2016 - AGraphic Design I4.00Caal, Gary LIT-103MW4:00 PM5:40 PMOpen12160Contact Instructor -
DES3007 - AComputer Animation for Multi-Media and Video4.00Caal, Gary LIT-103WF12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen10160Contact Instructor -
DES4007 - ASenior Project in Visual Communication I4.00Pohl, Barbara ALIT-103M10:00 AM1:20 PMOpen6160Contact Instructor -
DES4012 - AThrough the Camera Lens: Design and Reportage4.00Pohl, Barbara ALIT-103TR12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen8160Contact Instructor -
ECO1001 - AEconomics4.00Esposito, Lee LIT-101TR4:00 PM5:40 PMOpen19190Contact Instructor -
ECO1001 - NEconomics4.00Plummer, Thomas FER-22R6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen18190Contact Instructor -
EDP2001 - APre-School & School Aged Development (3-18 Years)4.00Prystash, Kathleen BRO-101MW10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen9200Contact Instructor -
EDP2001 - NPre-School & School Aged Development (3-18 Years)4.00Dachisen, Milissa LIT-102M6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen8200Contact Instructor -
EDP3013 - APsychology of Low and High Incidence Exceptionality4.00Nixon, Eric WBRO-009TR8:00 AM9:40 AMOpen13200Contact Instructor -
EDP3013 - NPsychology of Low and High Incidence Exceptionality4.00Nixon, Eric WBRO-101T6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen5200Contact Instructor -
EDU2000 - AFoundations of Education4.00Russell, Michael CharlesBRO-008MW10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen7200Contact Instructor -
EDU2000 - NFoundations of Education4.00Pratschler, Marianne LC-Group EditingW6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen9200Contact Instructor -
EDU2003 - AFoundations of Education:Teaching K - 54.00Saba, Simon LC-243TR2:00 PM3:40 PMOpen19200Contact Instructor -
EDU2003 - BFoundations of Education:Teaching K - 54.00DeAngelis, Debra BRO-104MW4:00 PM5:40 PMOpen5200Contact Instructor -
EDU2004 - AFoundations of Education:Teaching in Content Area4.00Russell, Michael CharlesBRO-104TR2:00 PM3:40 PMOpen10200Contact Instructor -
EDU2004 - NFoundations of Education:Teaching in Content Area4.00DeAngelis, Debra BRO-104MW4:00 PM5:40 PMOpen2200Contact Instructor -
EDU3000 - AAssistive Technology1.00Nixon, Eric WBRO-104W1:50 PM3:00 PMClosed20200Contact Instructor -
EDU3010 - APrinciples and Practices in Early Childhood Education2.00Cancelled-TBDW4:00 PM5:40 PMCancelled0200Contact Instructor -
EDU3031 - ASpecial Education: The Learner's Perspective4.00Green, Linda SchwartzBRO-104MW10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen8200Contact Instructor -
EDU3031 - NSpecial Education: The Learner's Perspective4.00Bastin, Bonnie Sue BRO-101R6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen11200Contact Instructor -
EDU3033 - ALang Devel, Communication and Literacy in Special Educ4.00Green, Linda SchwartzBRO-104MW12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen9200Contact Instructor -
EDU3033 - NLang Devel, Communication and Literacy in Special Educ4.00Nace, Kathleen SEA-301M6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen21200Contact Instructor -
EDU3034 - ASpecial Education Methods and Materials4.00Cancelled-TBDTR8:00 AM9:40 AMCancelled0200Contact Instructor -
EDU3034 - NSpecial Education Methods and Materials4.00Cirelli, Beverly BRO-004W6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen8200Contact Instructor -
EDU3038 - AClassroom Management for Challenging Behavior4.00Prystash, Kathleen BRO-101TR2:00 PM3:40 PMOpen15200Contact Instructor -
EDU3038 - NClassroom Management for Challenging Behavior4.00Brahm, Richard BRO-009T6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen9200Contact Instructor -
EDU3052 - AElementary Teaching Methodology4.00Saba, Simon BRO-009WF10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen11200Contact Instructor -
EDU3052 - BElementary Teaching Methodology4.00Greco, Samuel BRO-009TR4:00 PM5:40 PMOpen5200Contact Instructor -
EDU3053 - AFoundations of Literacy in Elementary Education4.00Congdon, Frances C.BRO-104TR12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen3200Contact Instructor -
EDU3053 - NFoundations of Literacy in Elementary Education4.00Aquino, Jennifer BRO-101W6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen7200Contact Instructor -
EDU3054 - NLiteracy in the Content Areas4.00Cancelled-TBDR6:00 PM9:35 PMCancelled0200Contact Instructor -
EDU3056 - AEnglish Curriculum and Instruction4.00Pratschler, Marianne BRO-104T4:00 PM7:35 PMOpen5200Contact Instructor -
EDU3057 - AMathematics Curriculum and Instruction4.00Greszczak, Ann SEA-206T4:00 PM7:35 PMOpen7200Contact Instructor -
EDU3058 - ABiology Curriculum and Instruction4.00Greszczak, Ann SEA-206T4:00 PM7:35 PMOpen1200Contact Instructor -
EDU3059 - ASocial Studies Curriculum and Instruction4.00Russell, Michael CharlesSEA-205T4:00 PM7:35 PMOpen9200Contact Instructor -
EDU3080 - ATeaching Practicum and Assessing Outcomes4.00Green, Linda SchwartzBRO-104R10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen14200Contact Instructor -
EDU3080 - BTeaching Practicum and Assessing Outcomes4.00Pratschler, Marianne BRO-101R4:00 PM5:40 PMOpen17200Contact Instructor -
EDU4024 - AApplications in Literacy (Elementary Education)2.00Congdon, Frances C.LIT-102F1:30 PM3:20 PMOpen10200Contact Instructor -
EDU4024 - BApplications in Literacy (Secondary Education)2.00Congdon, Frances C.LIT-102F12:00 PM1:20 PMOpen9200Contact Instructor -
EDU4050 - AStudent Teaching (Elementary Education)10.00Pratschler, Marianne LIT-101F12:00 PM1:20 PMOpen10200Contact Instructor -
EDU4050 - BStudent Teaching (Secondary Education)10.00Genduso, Sandra LIT-101F1:30 PM3:20 PMOpen9200Contact Instructor -
ENG1000 - ACollege English2.00Cancelled-TBDMWF8:30 AM9:40 AMCancelled0170Contact Instructor -
ENG1000 - BCollege English2.00Polak, Michele BRO-004MWF10:00 AM11:10 AMOpen10170Contact Instructor -
ENG1000 - CCollege English2.00Polak, Michele BRO-004MWF12:00 PM1:10 PMOpen13170Contact Instructor -
ENG1000 - DCollege English2.00Cancelled-TBDMWF1:50 PM3:00 PMCancelled0170Contact Instructor -
ENG1000 - ECollege English2.00Tykowski, Laura LAX-102TR8:00 AM9:40 AMOpen9170Contact Instructor -
ENG1000 - FCollege English2.00Kohl, Natasha LoranFER-22TR12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen13170Contact Instructor -
ENG1000 - GCollege English2.00Mastrangelo, Lisa SSEA-307TR2:00 PM3:40 PMOpen6170Contact Instructor -
ENG1000 - HCollege English2.00Cancelled-TBDTR4:00 PM5:40 PMCancelled0170Contact Instructor -
ENG1000 - ICollege English2.00Tykowski, Laura LC-243MW8:00 AM9:40 AMOpen16170Contact Instructor -
ENG1000 - JCollege English2.00Tykowski, Laura BRO-101MW4:00 PM5:40 PMOpen14170Contact Instructor -
ENG1001 - AComposition & Rhetoric4.00Cancelled-TBDMWF8:30 AM9:40 AMCancelled0170Contact Instructor -
ENG1001 - BComposition & Rhetoric4.00Barnett, Carol M.FER-22MWF10:00 AM11:10 AMOpen15170Contact Instructor -
ENG1001 - CComposition & Rhetoric4.00Barnett, Carol M.FER-22MWF12:00 PM1:10 PMOpen9170Contact Instructor -
ENG1001 - DComposition & Rhetoric4.00Polak, Michele BRO-004MWF1:50 PM3:00 PMOpen11170Contact Instructor -
ENG1001 - EComposition & Rhetoric4.00Young, Arlene FER-22TR8:00 AM9:40 AMOpen14170Contact Instructor -
ENG1001 - FComposition & Rhetoric4.00Mastrangelo, Lisa SSEA-307TR12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen17170Contact Instructor -
ENG1001 - GComposition & Rhetoric4.00Young, Arlene BRO-009TR2:00 PM3:40 PMOpen17170Contact Instructor -
ENG1001 - HComposition & Rhetoric4.00Mastrangelo, Lisa SLAX-101MW4:00 PM5:40 PMOpen14170Contact Instructor -
ENG1001 - IComposition & Rhetoric4.00Cancelled-TBDTR4:00 PM5:40 PMCancelled0170Contact Instructor -
ENG1001 - NComposition & Rhetoric4.00Cancelled-TBDR6:00 PM9:35 PMCancelled0170Contact Instructor -
ENG1005 - AIntroduction to Literary Analysis4.00Battistini, Robert SEA-301MW10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen17250Contact Instructor -
ENG2009 - AWorld Literature II: Shakespeare to Today4.00Lutsky, Klara FER-23MW12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen22250Contact Instructor -
ENG2014 - AAmerican Literature Survey4.00Battistini, Robert FER-23TR12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen20250Contact Instructor -
ENG2015 - NPoetry Workshop2.00Neves, Paula LIB-ClassroomW6:00 PM7:40 PMOpen7170Contact Instructor -
ENG2016 - OLProse Workshop (8/27/14-12/13/14)2.00Harel, Jared ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen11150Contact Instructor -
ENG2017 - NSurvey of British Literature I4.00Decker, Sharon FER-22M6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen12250Contact Instructor -
ENG2019 - AClassical Literature4.00Maley, Patrick JohnSEA-307MW10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen14250Contact Instructor -
ENG2020 - AThe Bible as Literature4.00Maley, Patrick JohnSEA-307MW12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen14250Contact Instructor -
ENG2025 - OL-2Ethnic American Literature (10/19/14-12/13/14)4.00Battistini, Robert ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen16150Contact Instructor -
ENG2026 - AWomen Writers of the World4.00Kohl, Natasha LoranFER-22TR2:00 PM3:40 PMOpen14250Contact Instructor -
ENG2028 - ANon-Western World Literature4.00Lutsky, Klara FER-11TR12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen8250Contact Instructor -
ENG3002 - AHistory of Drama: Modern American Drama4.00Cancelled-TBDMW4:00 PM5:40 PMCancelled0250Contact Instructor -
ENG3003 - AChildren's Literature4.00Barnett, Carol M.FER-23MW8:00 AM9:40 AMOpen21250Contact Instructor -
ENG3020 - NWriting Tutor Training2.00Durkin, Erin BRO-008W6:00 PM7:40 PMOpen5170Contact Instructor -
ENG3029 - AModern European Literature4.00Lutsky, Klara FER-11TR2:00 PM3:40 PMOpen11250Contact Instructor -
ENG3035 - AHistory of the English Language4.00Severe, Richard BRO-101MW12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen10250Contact Instructor -
ENG4005 - AModern British and American Poetry4.00Kohl, Natasha LoranFER-22TR10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen7250Contact Instructor -
ENG4010 - NShakespeare4.00Maley, Patrick JohnLAX-102T6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen9250Contact Instructor -
ENG4080 - NSenior Seminar4.00Severe, Richard BRO-009W6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen7150Contact Instructor -
ENV1200 - NEnvironmental Law4.00Stavash, John MTRE-21T6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen8200Contact Instructor -
ENV2000 - NGlobal Sustainability4.00Carruthers, Terence TRE-21M6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen8200Contact Instructor -
ESL2020 - AAcademic Reading & Vocabulary I4.00Yim, Sungwon LAX-104MW12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen10150Contact Instructor -
ESL2030 - AAcademic Writing I4.00Ambler, Kimberly LAX-104TR2:00 PM3:40 PMOpen11150Contact Instructor -
ESL2040 - APronounciation & Conversation I4.00Ambler, Kimberly SEA-307TR10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen9150Contact Instructor -
ESL2040 - BPronounciation & Conversation I4.00Freeman, Erica BRO-009TR10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen10150Contact Instructor -
EST1001 - ABasic I2.00Brown, Octavia J.EQU-CenterTR4:00 PM5:00 PMOpen160Contact Instructor -
EST1002 - ABasic II2.00CancelledEQU-CenterTR10:00 AM11:00 AMCancelled060Contact Instructor -
EST1004 - AEquitation II2.00CancelledEQU-CenterTR11:00 AM12:00 PMCancelled060Contact Instructor -
EST1005 - AEquitation III2.00Klingenstein, Natasha EQU-CenterMW2:00 PM3:00 PMOpen660Contact Instructor -
EST1005 - BEquitation III2.00Munz, Kelly MartinEQU-CenterTR8:00 AM9:00 AMOpen460Contact Instructor -
EST1005 - CEquitation III2.00Cleary, Timothy EQU-CenterTR3:00 PM4:00 PMOpen460Contact Instructor -
EST1010 - APractical Horse Management4.00Simms, Sarah JEQU-CenterMW8:30 AM10:30 AMOpen19150Contact Instructor -
EST1010 - BPractical Horse Management4.00Munz, Kelly MartinEQU-CenterMW4:30 PM6:30 PMOpen18150Contact Instructor -
EST1010 - CPractical Horse Management4.00Clark, Heather EQU-CenterTR12:30 PM2:30 PMOpen18150Contact Instructor -
EST2001 - AIntroduction to Hunt Seat2.00Klingenstein, Natasha EQU-CenterMW4:00 PM5:00 PMOpen560Contact Instructor -
EST2001 - BIntroduction to Hunt Seat2.00Martin, Donna EQU-CenterTR3:00 PM4:00 PMOpen760Contact Instructor -
EST2001 - CIntroduction to Hunt Seat2.00Munz, Kelly MartinEQU-CenterTR1:00 PM2:00 PMOpen660Contact Instructor -
EST2002 - AIntroduction to Dressage2.00Simms, Sarah JEQU-CenterTR2:00 PM3:00 PMOpen560Contact Instructor -
EST2003 - AIntroduction to Jumpers2.00Clausen, Tara J.EQU-CenterMW12:00 PM1:00 PMOpen660Contact Instructor -
EST2010 - ABasic Concepts of Training the Horse4.00Clark, Heather EQU-CenterMW8:30 AM10:30 AMOpen17150Contact Instructor -
EST2010 - BBasic Concepts of Training the Horse4.00Munz, Kelly MartinEQU-CenterMW12:30 PM2:30 PMOpen5150Contact Instructor -
EST2010 - CBasic Concepts of Training the Horse4.00Clausen, Tara J.EQU-CenterTR10:30 AM12:30 PMOpen13150Contact Instructor -
EST2012 - AEquine Health I4.00Fugaro, Michael N.FER-12TR8:00 AM9:40 AMOpen36400Contact Instructor -
EST2099 - ASpec Top: Nature of the Horse4.00Cancelled-TBDTR10:00 AM11:40 AMCancelled0300Contact Instructor -
EST2099 - BSpec Top: Equestrian Fitness and Nutrition4.00Taylor, Lynn E.EQU-CenterMW10:30 AM12:10 PMOpen5200Contact Instructor -
EST3002 - ATraining Level Dressage2.00Simms, Sarah JEQU-CenterMW11:00 AM12:00 PMOpen560Contact Instructor -
EST3003 - ADressage for the Hunter/Jumper Rider2.00Simms, Sarah JEQU-CenterMW1:00 PM2:00 PMOpen660Contact Instructor -
EST3004 - APre-Preliminary Jumpers - Level 02.00Cleary, Timothy EQU-CenterTR10:00 AM11:00 AMOpen460Contact Instructor -
EST3005 - ANovice Hunt Seat2.00Clark, Heather EQU-CenterMW11:00 AM12:00 PMOpen660Contact Instructor -
EST3005 - BNovice Hunt Seat2.00Martin, Donna EQU-CenterTR4:00 PM5:00 PMOpen660Contact Instructor -
EST3006 - ALimit Hunt Seat2.00Dowling, Michael EQU-CenterMW10:00 AM11:00 AMOpen760Contact Instructor -
EST3006 - BLimit Hunt Seat2.00Clark, Heather EQU-CenterTR8:00 AM9:00 AMOpen760Contact Instructor -
EST3011 - AEquine Business Management4.00Cleary, Timothy EQU-CenterMW10:30 AM12:10 PMOpen18300Contact Instructor -
EST3013 - AMethods of Teaching and Riding4.00Dowling, Michael EQU-CenterTR11:30 AM1:10 PMOpen9300Contact Instructor -
EST3017 - NTeaching Therapeutic Riding I4.00Brown, Octavia J.EQU-CenterT6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen3200Contact Instructor -
EST4001 - AIntermediate Hunt Seat2.00Dowling, Michael EQU-CenterMW9:00 AM10:00 AMOpen760Contact Instructor -
EST4001 - BIntermediate Hunt Seat2.00Clausen, Tara J.EQU-CenterTR1:00 PM2:00 PMOpen760Contact Instructor -
EST4002 - AOpen Hunt Seat2.00Dowling, Michael EQU-CenterMW8:00 AM9:00 AMOpen760Contact Instructor -
EST4002 - BOpen Hunt Seat2.00Clausen, Tara J.EQU-CenterTR2:00 PM3:00 PMOpen660Contact Instructor -
EST4002 - COpen Hunt Seat2.00Clark, Heather EQU-CenterMW12:00 PM1:00 PMOpen760Contact Instructor -
EST4005 - AHigh Schooling Jumpers - Levels 2 and 32.00CancelledEQU-CenterTR9:00 AM10:00 AMCancelled060Contact Instructor -
EST4013 - AJudging: Selection & Performance of Competitive Horse4.00Dowling, Michael EQU-CenterTR8:30 AM10:10 AMOpen17200Contact Instructor -
EST4016 - ATeaching Practicum2.00Dowling, Michael EQU-CenterU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen130Contact Instructor -
EST4016 - BTeaching Practicum2.00Simms, Sarah JEQU-CenterU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen130Contact Instructor -
EST4016 - CTeaching Practicum2.00Clark, Heather EQU-CenterU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen230Contact Instructor -
EST4016 - DTeaching Practicum2.00Cleary, Timothy EQU-CenterU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen110Contact Instructor -
EST4016 - ETeaching Practicum2.00Clausen, Tara J.EQU-CenterU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen130Contact Instructor -
EST4016 - FTeaching Practicum2.00Munz, Kelly MartinEQU-CenterU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen120Contact Instructor -
EST4016 - GTeaching Practicum2.00Martin, Donna EQU-CenterU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen020Contact Instructor -
EST4016 - HTeaching Practicum2.00Klingenstein, Natasha EQU-CenterU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen220Contact Instructor -
EST4016 - ITeaching Practicum2.00Brown, Octavia J.EQU-CenterU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen010Contact Instructor -
EST4017 - APracticum in Therapeutic Riding I2.00Brown, Octavia J.-TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen0100Contact Instructor -
EST4024 - AEquine Musculoskeletal System I4.00Fugaro, Michael N.EQU-CenterMW12:30 PM2:10 PMOpen24300Contact Instructor -
EST4027 - AStarting and Tranining The Horse2.00Clark, Heather EQU-CenterTR10:30 AM11:30 AMOpen9150Contact Instructor -
EST4029 - ATraining and Rehabilitation of the Lesson Horse2.00Cancelled-TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMCancelled060Contact Instructor -
EST4030 - AEquine Studies Seminar4.00Taylor, Lynn E.LC-243TR12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen17200Contact Instructor -
EST4099 - ACertification:Therapeutic Riding I1.00Brown, Octavia J.EQU-CenterU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen3100Contact Instructor -
FAS1000 - AApparel Construction4.00Moore, Mary Ann TRE-11MW4:00 PM5:40 PMOpen10120Contact Instructor -
FAS1000 - BApparel Construction4.00Miles, Melanie TRE-11TR2:00 PM3:40 PMOpen11120Contact Instructor -
FAS1000 - CApparel Construction4.00Miles, Melanie TRE-11TR12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen13120Contact Instructor -
FAS1000 - NApparel Construction4.00Haney, Robert TRE-11M6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen9120Contact Instructor -
FAS1001 - AIntroduction to the Fashion Industry4.00Sharp, Julia MFER-RECITAL HALLMW12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen20180Contact Instructor -
FAS1001 - BIntroduction to the Fashion Industry4.00Hartman, Phyllis TRE-13TR4:00 PM5:40 PMOpen20180Contact Instructor -
FAS1099 - ASpec Top: Chainmaille and Jewelry2.00Cancelled-TBDT4:00 PM5:40 PMCancelled0160Contact Instructor -
FAS1099 - BSpec Top: Fall Fashion Show Co-ordination and Promotion2.00McKitish, Kristen LAX-103W4:00 PM5:40 PMOpen11160Contact Instructor -
FAS2009 - AFashion Coordination & Promotion4.00Cancelled-TBDMW4:00 PM5:40 PMCancelled0160Contact Instructor -
FAS2010 - ADesign Studio I-Flat Pattern4.00CancelledTRE-14MW12:00 PM1:40 PMCancelled0120Contact Instructor -
FAS2010 - BDesign Studio I-Flat Pattern4.00Whang, Mia MikyoungTRE-14TR10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen15160Contact Instructor -
FAS2011 - ATextile Science4.00Sharp, Julia MTRE-13MW10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen21160Contact Instructor -
FAS3001 - ARetailing4.00McKitish, Kristen SEA-302TR12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen25200Contact Instructor -
FAS3003 - NVisual Merchandising4.00McKitish, Kristen LIT-104W6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen20160Contact Instructor -
FAS3005 - AHistory of Costume4.00Whang, Mia MikyoungLIT-102TR2:00 PM3:40 PMOpen21200Contact Instructor -
FAS3015 - NFashion Graphics2.00Whang, Mia MikyoungLIT-103T6:00 PM7:40 PMOpen13160Contact Instructor -
FAS3099 - ASpec Top: Concepts and Theory in Design2.00Satmaria, William BRO-004T4:00 PM5:40 PMOpen14160Contact Instructor -
FAS4001 - AFashion Buying4.00McKitish, Kristen FER-12TR10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen19200Contact Instructor -
FAS4010 - ADesign Studio III-Advanced Problems in Fashion4.00Whang, Mia MikyoungTRE-14W4:00 PM7:40 PMOpen7160Contact Instructor -
GCO605 - AStudent Assistance Coordinator Practicum3.00Drew, Meredith -TBDU12:01 AM12:01 AMOpen010Contact Instructor -
GIND693 - E Ind Study/Curriculm Development3.00Prystash, Kathleen -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen110Contact Instructor -
HIS1003 - AWorld History I4.00Frey, Raymond SEA-205TR12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen25250Contact Instructor -
HIS1003 - NWorld History I4.00Haiduc-Dale, Noah FER-11W6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen13250Contact Instructor -
HIS1004 - AWorld History II4.00Haiduc-Dale, Noah FER-21TR8:00 AM9:40 AMOpen24250Contact Instructor -
HIS2001 - NAmerican Civilization I4.00Mac Suibhne, Breandan FER-23R6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen22250Contact Instructor -
HIS2002 - AAmerican Civilization II4.00Mac Suibhne, Breandan SEA-205MW12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen24250Contact Instructor -
HIS2005 - AWorld Geography4.00Lorenzo, William J.LIT-101MW4:00 PM5:40 PMOpen17250Contact Instructor -
HIS2005 - NWorld Geography4.00Cancelled-TBDM6:00 PM9:35 PMCancelled0250Contact Instructor -
HIS2006 - AAmerican Social, Political and Economic Systems4.00Frey, Raymond SEA-205TR10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen26250Contact Instructor -
HIS3002 - NEuropean Colonialism4.00Patterson, James GSEA-205W6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen14250Contact Instructor -
HIS3003 - AModern Ireland4.00Mac Suibhne, Breandan FER-23TR4:00 PM5:40 PMOpen25250Contact Instructor -
HIS3005 - NEnvironmental History: An Introduction4.00Cancelled-TBDM6:00 PM9:35 PMCancelled0250Contact Instructor -
HIS3010 - AHistory of New Jersey4.00Frey, Raymond SEA-206MW12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen25250Contact Instructor -
HIS3099 - ASpec Top: Modern Middle East4.00Haiduc-Dale, Noah BRO-003MW10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen5250Contact Instructor -
IND1002 - ATemporary Independent Study for 2 Credits2.00STAFF, STAFF -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen0200Contact Instructor -
IND1003 - ATemporary Independent Study for 3 Credits3.00STAFF, STAFF -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen0200Contact Instructor -
IND1004 - ATemporary Independent Study for 4 Credits4.00STAFF, STAFF -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen0200Contact Instructor -
IND1004 - ZTemporary Independent Study for 4 Credits4.00STAFF, STAFF -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMClosed0200Contact Instructor -
IND1112 - ASemester Abroad12.00DOlivo, Amy -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen150Contact Instructor -
IND2004 - BInd Study/Interpersonal Communication4.00Lev, Deborah -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMClosed110Contact Instructor -
IND3002 - BInd Study/China International Study2.00Naasz, Kathleen -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen110Contact Instructor -
IND3002 - CInd Study/China International Study2.00Naasz, Kathleen -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen110Contact Instructor -
IND3002 - DInd Study/China International Study2.00Naasz, Kathleen -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen110Contact Instructor -
IND3002 - EInd Study/China International Study2.00Naasz, Kathleen -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen110Contact Instructor -
IND3004 - BInd Study/Mass Communication Law and Ethics4.00Mendres, Matthew -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMClosed110Contact Instructor -
IND3004 - CInd Study/Monetary Institutions (BUS3310)4.00Benbow, Dana -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMClosed110Contact Instructor -
IND3004 - DInd Study/Financial Management (BUS3320)4.00Benbow, Dana -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen110Contact Instructor -
IND4002 - BIndependent Study/Merchandising Portfolio2.00Sharp, Julia M-TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMClosed110Contact Instructor -
IND4002 - CIndependent Study/Education-Special Needs2.00Nixon, Eric W-TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen110Contact Instructor -
IND4004 - AInd Study/Senior Thesis Project in the Vis Arts:Studio Art I4.00Yoshimine, Carol -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMClosed110Contact Instructor -
IND4004 - BInd Study/Bio Ethics4.00Bergey, Lauren L-TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMClosed110Contact Instructor -
IND4004 - CIndependent Study/Introduction to Corporate Fire Inspection&4.00Linskey, Joseph P.-TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen110Contact Instructor -
INT1002 - ATemporary Internship for 2 Credits2.00STAFF, STAFF -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen0200Contact Instructor -
INT1002 - BInternship/Red Light Management-New Era Media2.00Whang, Mia Mikyoung-TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMClosed110Contact Instructor -
INT1002 - CInternship/Kohl's Department Stores2.00Perricone, David -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMClosed110Contact Instructor -
INT1002 - DInternship/Disney College Program2.00Mac Suibhne, Breandan -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMClosed110Contact Instructor -
INT1002 - EInternship/The Red Toad2.00Whang, Mia Mikyoung-TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen110Contact Instructor -
INT1002 - FInternship/Michael Fugaro2.00Simms, Sarah J-TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen110Contact Instructor -
INT1002 - GInternship/ Holly Corbett2.00Decker, Sharon -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen110Contact Instructor -
INT1002 - HInternship/Hissa Igarski2.00McKitish, Kristen -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen110Contact Instructor -
INT1002 - IInternship/Chaos2.00Benbow, Dana -TBD 12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen110Contact Instructor -
INT1002 - JInternship/New York Jets2.00Perricone, David -TBD 12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen110Contact Instructor -
INT1002 - KInternship/Reeves Int'l,Inc./Breyer Animal Creations2.00Fugaro, Michael N.-TBD 12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen110Contact Instructor -
INT1002 - LInternship/ The 53 Agency2.00Maley, Patrick John-TBD 12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen110Contact Instructor -
INT1004 - ATemporary Internship for 4 Credits4.00STAFF, STAFF -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen-1200Contact Instructor -
INT1004 - BInternship/High Brass Farm4.00Dowling, Michael -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMClosed110Contact Instructor -
INT1004 - CInternship/Centenary College - Athletic Department4.00Perricone, David -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMClosed110Contact Instructor -
INT1004 - DInternship/Country Curtains4.00McKitish, Kristen -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen110Contact Instructor -
INT1004 - EInternship/Sports Media 1014.00Mendres, Matthew -TBD 12:00 AM12:01 AMClosed110Contact Instructor -
INT1004 - FInternship/Morristown Medical Center4.00Bucci, Joseph Gregory-TBD 12:00 AM12:01 AMClosed010Contact Instructor -
INT1004 - GInternship/Tailor Made EquestrianLLC4.00Fugaro, Michael N.-TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMClosed110Contact Instructor -
INT1004 - HInternship/Centenary College4.00Lev, Deborah -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen110Contact Instructor -
INT1004 - IInternship/Plato's Closet4.00Whang, Mia Mikyoung-TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen110Contact Instructor -
INT1004 - JInternship/Success Communications Group4.00Lev, Deborah -TBDU12:00 PM12:01 PMOpen110Contact Instructor -
INT1004 - KInternship/North Warren Regional4.00Houska, Jeremy Ashton-TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen110Contact Instructor -
INT1004 - LInternship/Centenary Stage Co.,4.00Davis, Stephen Michael-TBD 12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen110Contact Instructor -
INT1004 - MInternship/ Kycoka Farms4.00Lev, Deborah -TBDU12:01 AM12:01 AMOpen110Contact Instructor -
INT1004 - NInternship/Brookdale Community College4.00Perricone, David -TBD 12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen110Contact Instructor -
INT1006 - ATemporary Internship for 6 Credits6.00STAFF, STAFF -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen0200Contact Instructor -
INT1006 - BInternship/ i Heart Media6.00Mendres, Matthew -TBD 12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen110Contact Instructor -
INT1008 - A Temporary Internship for 8 Credits8.00STAFF, STAFF - 12:01 AM12:01 AMClosed010Contact Instructor -
INT1008 - BInternship/Kleinfeld Bridal8.00Whang, Mia Mikyoung-TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen110Contact Instructor -
LAS3003 - OL-1The Modern World (8/27/14-10/18/14)4.00Stewart, Henry C.ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen15150Contact Instructor -
MTH1000 - ACollege Math (Freshman Only)2.00Turrisi, Kathy A.LIT-101TR8:00 AM9:40 AMOpen15160Contact Instructor -
MTH1000 - BCollege Math (Freshman Only)2.00Turrisi, Kathy A.LIT-101MW10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen17160Contact Instructor -
MTH1000 - CCollege Math (Freshman Only)2.00Turrisi, Kathy A.LIT-101MW12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen16160Contact Instructor -
MTH1000 - DCollege Math (Freshman Only)2.00OMelia, Cheryl SEA-302MW10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen17180Contact Instructor -
MTH1000 - ECollege Math (Freshman Only)2.00Butts, James LIT-105TR12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen16180Contact Instructor -
MTH1000 - FCollege Math (Freshman Only)2.00Funaro, Theresa LIT-104TR4:00 PM5:40 PMOpen17180Contact Instructor -
MTH1000 - GCollege Math (Freshman Only)2.00Lis, Michelle LC-243TR8:00 AM9:40 AMOpen16160Contact Instructor -
MTH1111 - AQuantitative Literacy (Freshman Only)4.00Search, Robert J.FER-21MW10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen26250Contact Instructor -
MTH1111 - BQuantitative Literacy (Freshman Only)4.00Search, Robert J.FER-21TR12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen24250Contact Instructor -
MTH1111 - CQuantitative Literacy (Freshman Only)4.00OMelia, Cheryl SEA-302MW12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen24250Contact Instructor -
MTH1111 - DQuantitative Literacy (Freshman Only)4.00Butts, James LIT-101TR2:00 PM3:40 PMOpen18220Contact Instructor -
MTH1111 - NQuantitative Literacy4.00Greco, Samuel SEA-307MW6:00 PM7:40 PMOpen21250Contact Instructor -
MTH1111 - PQuantitative Literacy4.00Garcia, Brittany LIT-101T6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen17250Contact Instructor -
MTH1180 - AAlgebraic Modeling4.00DeLuca, Judith LIT-105TR8:00 AM9:40 AMOpen25200Contact Instructor -
MTH1250 - AGeometry4.00Ritchie, Linda LAX-101MW12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen12100Contact Instructor -
MTH1500 - AStatistics for Social Science Majors4.00Ritchie, Linda LIT-101MW8:00 AM9:40 AMOpen18170Contact Instructor -
MTH1500 - NStatistics for Social Science Majors4.00Garcia, Brittany LIT-105R6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen18250Contact Instructor -
MTH1501 - AStatistics I4.00Ritchie, Linda FER-23MW10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen22200Contact Instructor -
MTH1505 - ASPSS Lab (Co-REQ MTH-1500)1.00Ritchie, Linda LIT-105M1:50 PM2:50 PMOpen20200Contact Instructor -
MTH1505 - BSPSS Lab (Co-REQ MTH-1500)1.00Garcia, Brittany LIT-102R4:00 PM5:00 PMOpen20200Contact Instructor -
MTH1505 - CSPSS Lab (Co-REQ MTH-1500)1.00Garcia, Brittany LIT-102T4:00 PM5:00 PMOpen6200Contact Instructor -
MTH1600 - APre-Calculus4.00Buhanan, David BryantLIT-101TR12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen14200Contact Instructor -
MTH2151 - ACalculus I4.00Buhanan, David BryantTRE-13MW12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen10200Contact Instructor -
MTH3030 - NLinear Algebra4.00Search, Robert J.LIT-102R6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen6200Contact Instructor -
MTH3161 - NCalculus III4.00Halien, Bradley LC-253W6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen11200Contact Instructor -
MTH3200 - ADiscrete Mathematics4.00Buhanan, David BryantTRE-13TR2:00 PM3:40 PMOpen4200Contact Instructor -
MTH4050 - AAdvanced Geometry4.00Buhanan, David BryantTRE-13TR2:00 PM3:40 PMOpen2200Contact Instructor -
MTH4150 - NNumber Theory4.00Search, Robert J.LIT-102R6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen2200Contact Instructor -
MUS1001 - NMusic Appreciation4.00Idenden, John FER-RECITAL HALLT6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen25250Contact Instructor -
MUS1001 - PMusic Appreciation4.00Idenden, John FER-RECITAL HALLW6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen23250Contact Instructor -
MUS1011 - APiano Lessons1.00Idenden, John FER-RECITAL HALLU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen780Contact Instructor -
MUS1017 - AVoice Lessons 1.00Idenden, John FER-RECITAL HALLU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen680Contact Instructor -
MUS1017 - BVoice Lessons (Theatre Majors Only)1.00Lid, Lea AntoliniFER-RECITAL HALLU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen780Contact Instructor -
MUS1099 - ASpec Top: Violin/Viola Workshop2.00Cancelled-TBDM1:00 PM2:40 PMCancelled080Contact Instructor -
MUS2009 - AViolin Lessons1.00Cancelled-TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMCancelled080Contact Instructor -
PHI1005 - OL-1Introduction to Philosophy (8/27/14-10/18/14)4.00Frey, Raymond ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen13150Contact Instructor -
PHY2001 - APhysics I4.00Lazarova, Krassi TRE-20F9:00 AM11:00 AMOpen6160Contact Instructor -
 TRE-20MW10:00 AM11:10 AM 
POL1001 - AU.S. Political Systems (Blended)4.00Verry, Robert LIT-101MW1:50 PM3:00 PMOpen21250Contact Instructor -
POL1001 - NU.S. Political Systems (Blended)4.00Verry, Robert LAX-103M6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen9250Contact Instructor -
POL1001 - OLU.S. Political Systems (8/27/14-12/13/14)4.00Verry, Robert ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen10160Contact Instructor -
POL1099 - ASpec Top: Word Wars (Blended)4.00Cancelled-TBDW8:00 AM9:40 AMCancelled0250Contact Instructor -
POL2001 - AElements of Political Theory4.00Adamo, Christopher FER-21MW12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen15250Contact Instructor -
POL2003 - AEssentials of Global Politics4.00Fitzpatrick, R. ShaneLIT-102TR12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen18200Contact Instructor -
POL2003 - NEssentials of Global Politics4.00Cancelled-TBDT6:00 PM9:35 PMCancelled0200Contact Instructor -
POL2099 - ASpec Top: Politics of the Cold War4.00Fitzpatrick, R. ShaneSEA-305MW10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen13250Contact Instructor -
POL3011 - ATopics in Pol. Sci.: Global Humanitarian Organizations4.00Fitzpatrick, R. ShaneLAX-102TR2:00 PM3:40 PMOpen11250Contact Instructor -
POL4001 - AGovernment and Political Affairs Senior Seminar4.00Verry, Robert -TBDU12:01 AM12:01 AMOpen0100Contact Instructor -
PSC1025 - AAstronomy4.00Hricko, Karl ESC-ClassroomTR12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen13200Contact Instructor -
PSC1400 - AEarth Science4.00Lazarova, Krassi ESC-LabTR12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen13200Contact Instructor -
PSC1500 - APhysical Science4.00Lazarova, Krassi TRE-20F12:00 PM3:00 PMOpen17160Contact Instructor -
 TRE-20MW12:00 PM1:10 PM 
PSY1000 - NIntroduction to Psychology4.00Houska, Jeremy AshtonFER-23W6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen20250Contact Instructor -
PSY1000 - OLIntroduction to Psychology (08/27/14-12/13/14)4.00Bade, Kathleen ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen13150Contact Instructor -
PSY1023 - NBiopsychology4.00Ostella, Frank SEA-307T6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen26390Contact Instructor -
PSY1026 - NDevelopmental Psychology I4.00Floether, Christine FER-RECITAL HALLM6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen14250Contact Instructor -
PSY2001 - APsychological Research Methods4.00Morgen, Keith SEA-306MW10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen22250Contact Instructor -
PSY2015 - AGroup Dynamics4.00Cancelled-TBDTR12:00 PM1:40 PMCancelled0200Contact Instructor -
PSY2090 - APsychology and The Media4.00Houska, Jeremy AshtonFER-11MW12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen12250Contact Instructor -
PSY3023 - NTheories of Personality4.00Houska, Jeremy AshtonFER-21R6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen22250Contact Instructor -
PSY3025 - ABehavior Modification4.00Floether, Christine FER-RECITAL HALLTR8:00 AM9:40 AMOpen13250Contact Instructor -
PSY4020 - ASenior Research Seminar4.00Floether, Christine LAX-104MW4:00 PM5:40 PMOpen5150Contact Instructor -
REL2001 - AWorld Religions4.00Adamo, Christopher FER-23TR2:00 PM3:40 PMOpen23300Contact Instructor -
REL2001 - NWorld Religions4.00Gibson, David LAX-102W6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen7300Contact Instructor -
REL2001 - OL-2World Religions (10/19/14-12/13/14)4.00Gibson, David ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen13150Contact Instructor -
SOC1000 - AContemporary Social Issues4.00Ackerman, Steven LIT-105MW8:00 AM9:40 AMOpen31300Contact Instructor -
SOC1000 - BContemporary Social Issues4.00Desai, Anjana LIT-105TR4:00 PM5:40 PMOpen27300Contact Instructor -
SOC1000 - NContemporary Social Issues4.00Mariani, Guy BRO-004M6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen18300Contact Instructor -
SOC1000 - OL-1Contemporary Social Issues (8/27/14-10/18/14)4.00CancelledONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMCancelled0150Contact Instructor -
SOC1000 - OL-2Contemporary Social Issues (10/19/14-12/13/14)4.00Stanlick, Sarah ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen18150Contact Instructor -
SOC1000 - PContemporary Social Issues4.00Mauro, David LIT-102W6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen15300Contact Instructor -
SOC1025 - AIntroduction to Sociology (Majors/Minors Only)4.00Panuccio, Elizabeth SEA-205TR2:00 PM3:40 PMOpen12150Contact Instructor -
SOC2004 - ASchool, Family, and Community4.00Becker, Stacy SEA-206TR8:00 AM9:40 AMOpen21250Contact Instructor -
SOC2004 - NSchool, Family, and Community4.00Becker, Stacy FER-11R6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen6250Contact Instructor -
SOC2004 - PSchool, Family, and Community4.00Bouton, Ronna LAX-101T6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen12200Contact Instructor -
SOC2005 - OL-1Global Societies and Systems (8/27/14-10/18/14)4.00Stanlick, Sarah ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen14150Contact Instructor -
SOC2050 - OL-2Race and Ethnicity (10/19/14-12/13/14)4.00Metzger, Morgan ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen13150Contact Instructor -
SOC3001 - AGender and Sexuality4.00Dixon, Kitsy BRO-101TR12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen19200Contact Instructor -
SOC3003 - ALivin' on the Edge:Perceptions of Stratified Society4.00Panuccio, Elizabeth LIT-102MW12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen9200Contact Instructor -
SOC3040 - NSocial Change and Movements4.00Dixon, Kitsy FER-21T6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen14200Contact Instructor -
SOC3050 - ABroken Bodies: Global Perspectives on Sexual Violence4.00Dixon, Kitsy FER-11MW10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen19200Contact Instructor -
SOC4002 - AResearch Methods in the Social Sciences4.00Panuccio, Elizabeth SEA-206TR12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen15150Contact Instructor -
SOC4002 - BResearch Methods in the Social Sciences4.00Miller, Robert LAX-104TR4:00 PM5:40 PMOpen7150Contact Instructor -
SOC4002 - CResearch Methods in the Social Sciences (Soc Work Only)4.00DOlivo, Amy BRO-008T12:00 PM3:40 PMOpen16150Contact Instructor -
SOC4005 - NSenior Seminar in Sociology4.00DOlivo, Amy BRO-003W6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen9150Contact Instructor -
SPN1001 - AElementary Spanish I4.00Reyes, Juanita LAX-101TR4:00 PM5:40 PMOpen8250Contact Instructor -
SWS1000 - NIntro to Social Work and Human Services 4.00Shapiro, William LAX-101M6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen11250Contact Instructor -
SWS1099 - ASpec Top: Collegiate Mental Health Seminar (Blended)2.00Cancelled-TBDM1:50 PM3:00 PMCancelled0100Contact Instructor -
SWS2099 - ASpec Top: The Adolescent Years-Adulthood Under Construction 4.00Daly, Candice LAX-104TR10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen7250Contact Instructor -
SWS3000 - AHuman Behavior & the Social Environment I (Soc Work Only)4.00Klemm, Terri LAX-102MW10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen15200Contact Instructor -
SWS3001 - ASocial Welfare Policy and Services I (Soc Work Only)4.00Klemm, Terri LAX-102MW12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen11200Contact Instructor -
SWS3021 - ASocial Work Practice I4.00Daly, Candice SEA-301R12:00 PM3:30 PMOpen15250Contact Instructor -
SWS4023 - NSocial Work Practice III (Soc Work Only)4.00McEniry, Joann BRO-003T6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen14200Contact Instructor -
SWS4050 - AField Work I6.00Daly, Candice -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen14150Contact Instructor -
SWS4051 - AField Seminar I (Soc Work Only)2.00Hollmann, Cristina BRO-101T4:00 PM5:40 PMOpen14200Contact Instructor -
TEM1004 - ATemporary 4 Credit Course4.00STAFF, STAFF -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen01000Contact Instructor -
TEM1004 - ZTemporary 4 Credit Course4.00STAFF, STAFF -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen0200Contact Instructor -
TEM1012 - ATemporary 12 Credit Course12.00STAFF, STAFF -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen02500Contact Instructor -
THA1001 - ATheatre Appreciation4.00Cancelled-TBDWF12:00 PM1:40 PMCancelled0250Contact Instructor -
THA1001 - BTheatre Appreciation4.00Davis, Stephen MichaelFER-RECITAL HALLTR12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen24250Contact Instructor -
THA1001 - CTheatre Appreciation4.00Lid, Lea AntoliniLC-253TR10:00 AM11:20 AMOpen20250Contact Instructor -
THA1002 - ADance Appreciation4.00Lid, Lea AntoliniFER-RECITAL HALLMW10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen19250Contact Instructor -
THA1002 - BDance Appreciation4.00Lanciano, Patricia LAX-103TR2:00 PM3:40 PMOpen5250Contact Instructor -
THA1003 - AModern Dance I1.00Rolfes, Hannah LC-Lackland Dance T4:00 PM5:10 PMOpen11150Contact Instructor -
THA1004 - NBallet I1.00Usawicz, Erin LC-Lackland Dance T5:30 PM6:40 PMOpen3150Contact Instructor -
THA1009 - NActing Workshop I2.00Davis, Stephen MichaelSEA-Little TheatreM6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen14160Contact Instructor -
THA1011 - ATechnical Practicum1.00Chase, Jeffrey Anthony-TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen15250Contact Instructor -
THA1012 - APerformance Practicum1.00Wallnau, Carl -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen12120Contact Instructor -
THA1013 - AOffice Practicum1.00Rust, Catherine -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen6120Contact Instructor -
THA1015 - AMovement for Actors I2.00Lid, Lea AntoliniLC-Lackland Dance TR12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen14150Contact Instructor -
THA1019 - AYoga1.00Lanciano, Patricia LC-Lackland Dance W12:00 PM1:00 PMOpen16200Contact Instructor -
THA1019 - BYoga1.00Lanciano, Patricia LC-Lackland Dance W4:00 PM5:00 PMOpen17200Contact Instructor -
THA1022 - AStage Combat2.00Davis, Stephen MichaelLC-Lackland Dance MW10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen8160Contact Instructor -
THA1023 - NJazz I1.00Petrie, Jillian LC-Lackland Dance T7:00 PM8:20 PMOpen10150Contact Instructor -
THA1050 - AIntroduction to Design and Technical Theatre4.00Chase, Jeffrey AnthonyLC-243MW10:00 AM11:40 AMOpen12160Contact Instructor -
THA1098 - ATai Chi1.00DeStefano, Elisa A.LOT-Dance StudioT4:00 PM5:10 PMOpen7130Contact Instructor -
THA1098 - BTai Chi1.00DeStefano, Elisa A.LOT-Dance StudioW4:00 PM5:10 PMOpen10160Contact Instructor -
THA1099 - ASpec Top: Shakespeare - King Lear Intensive4.00Kim, Randall DukLC-243MW4:00 PM5:40 PMOpen11160Contact Instructor -
THA1099 - BSpec Top: Hip-Hop Dance1.00Hamblin, Jennine LC-Lackland Dance R4:00 PM5:10 PMOpen14200Contact Instructor -
THA1099 - CSpec Top: Zumba Fitness1.00Hamblin, Jennine LC-Lackland Dance R2:00 PM3:10 PMOpen15200Contact Instructor -
THA1099 - DSpec Top: Dance Foundations1.00Cancelled-TBDW5:00 PM6:00 PMCancelled0150Contact Instructor -
THA2003 - AModern Dance II1.00Rolfes, Hannah LC-Lackland Dance T4:00 PM5:10 PMOpen2150Contact Instructor -
THA2004 - NBallet II1.00Usawicz, Erin LC-Lackland Dance T5:30 PM6:40 PMOpen0150Contact Instructor -
THA2009 - NActing Workshop II2.00Wallnau, Carl LC-Kutz TheatreM6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen6150Contact Instructor -
THA2016 - AMovement for Actors II2.00Lid, Lea AntoliniLC-Lackland Dance TR12:00 PM1:40 PMOpen6150Contact Instructor -
THA2023 - NJazz II1.00Petrie, Jillian LC-Lackland Dance T7:00 PM8:20 PMOpen2150Contact Instructor -
THA2045 - AStage Management4.00Pietrowski, Danielle LC-253TR2:00 PM3:40 PMOpen13120Contact Instructor -
THA3009 - NFrom Shakespeare to Coward2.00Wallnau, Carl LC-Kutz TheatreM6:00 PM9:35 PMOpen6120Contact Instructor -
THA4001 - AThesis Project4.00Wallnau, Carl -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen3120Contact Instructor -
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