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Term: Spring 2014
Department Course ID Location/Type Section Course Offering List Credits Instructor(s) Room ID Days Start Time End Time Status Current Students Max Students Unofficial Students Textbook ISBN(s) New Textbook Price(s) *
ART2002 - OLHistory of Modern Art (1/19/14-5/10/14)4.00Caal, Gary ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen5150Contact Instructor -
BIO1105 - OL-1AHuman Nutrition and Performance(1/19/14-3/15/14)4.00Buschgans, Katlyn ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen12160Contact Instructor -
BIO1105 - OL-1BHuman Nutrition and Performance(1/19/14-3/15/14)4.00Harless, Meagan LeighONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen7160Contact Instructor -
BIO1105 - OL-2AHuman Nutrition and Performance(3/16/14-5/10/14)4.00Murray, Paula ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen13160Contact Instructor -
BIO1105 - OL-2BHuman Nutrition and Performance(3/16/14-5/10/14)4.00Cancelled-TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMCancelled0160Contact Instructor -
BIO1110 - OL-1Principles of Environmental Science(1/19/14-3/15/14)4.00Murray, Paula ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen6160Contact Instructor -
BIO1110 - OL-2Principles of Environmental Science(3/16/14-5/10/14)4.00Buschgans, Katlyn ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen8160Contact Instructor -
BUS1050 - OLSocial Responsibility in Business (1/19/14-5/10/14)4.00Pelletier, Heather HamiltonONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen11150Contact Instructor -
CJS1001 - OLIntroduction to the Criminal Justice System(1/19/14-5/10/14)4.00Cancelled-TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMCancelled0150Contact Instructor -
DES2016 - OLGraphic Design I (1/19/14-5/10/14)4.00Cancelled-TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMCancelled0150Contact Instructor -
ENG2015 - OLPoetry Workshop (1/19/14-5/10/14)2.00Harel, Jared ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen15170Contact Instructor -
ENG3029 - OL-1Modern European Literature(1/19/14-3/15/14)4.00Stewart, Henry C.ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen12150Contact Instructor -
GPY525 - OL-1Counseling Consultation (1/19/14-3/15/14)3.00Bloodgood, Janet ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen15150Contact Instructor -
GPY586 - OL-2Career Counseling (3/16/14-5/10/14)3.00Bloodgood, Janet ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen11250Contact Instructor -
HIS2005 - OLWorld Geography (1/19/14-5/10/14)4.00Schmid, Laurie ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen14150Contact Instructor -
LAS3003 - OL-2The Modern World (3/16/14-5/10/14)4.00Stewart, Henry C.ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen14150Contact Instructor -
MTH1500 - OLStatistics for Social Science Majors (1/19/14-5/10/14)4.00Buhanan, David BryantONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen7150Contact Instructor -
PHI1005 - OL-1Introduction to Philosophy (1/19/14-3/15/14)4.00Frey, Raymond ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen15150Contact Instructor -
POL1001 - OLU.S. Political Systems (1/19/14 - 5/10/14)4.00Verry, Robert ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen8150Contact Instructor -
PSY1000 - OLIntroduction to Psychology (1/19/14-5/10/14)4.00Bade, Kathleen ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen13150Contact Instructor -
REL2001 - OL-2World Religions (3/16/14-5/10/14)4.00Gibson, David ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen17150Contact Instructor -
SOC1000 - OL-1Contemporary Social Issues (1/19/14-3/15/14)4.00Stanlick, Sarah ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen17150Contact Instructor -
SOC2005 - OL-2Global Societies and Systems(3/16/14-5/10/14)4.00Stanlick, Sarah ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen15150Contact Instructor -
SOC2050 - OLRace and Ethnicity (1/19/14-5/10/14)4.00Metzger, Morgan ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen13150Contact Instructor -
SOC2060 - OLGroups, Organizations and Leadership (1/19/14-5/10/14)4.00Rinaldi, Stacy ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen3150Contact Instructor -
SWS4061 - OLField Seminar II (1/19/14-5/10/14)2.00Hollmann, Cristina ONL-0U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen9200Contact Instructor -
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