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Term: Summer 2 2014
Department Course ID Location/Type Section Course Offering List Credits Instructor(s) Room ID Days Start Time End Time Status Current Students Max Students Unofficial Students Textbook ISBN(s) New Textbook Price(s) *
GBA530 - NManagement Information Systems3.00Palatini, Lance LIT-102TR6:00 PM9:15 PMOpen3150Contact Instructor -
GBA550 - NMarketing Management3.00Cancelled-TBDMW6:00 PM9:15 PMCancelled0150Contact Instructor -
GBA610 - NFinancial Management3.00Zelman, Louis LAX-104TR6:00 PM9:15 PMOpen5150Contact Instructor -
GBA640 - NQuantitative Analysis3.00Cancelled-TBDMW6:00 PM9:15 PMCancelled0150Contact Instructor -
GCO561 - NHuman Growth and Development3.00Drew, Meredith LIT-105TR5:30 PM8:45 PMOpen30200Contact Instructor -
GCO582 - NCrisis Intervention3.00Morgen, Keith -TBDTR5:30 PM8:45 PMOpen2200Contact Instructor -
GCO584 - NLife Span Counseling3.00Kellam, Mary Helen LAX-102MW5:30 PM8:45 PMOpen9200Contact Instructor -
GCO586 - NCareer Counseling3.00Pratschler, Marianne LIT-101MW5:30 PM8:45 PMOpen5200Contact Instructor -
GCO591 - NSubstance Abuse Counseling in the School Setting3.00Cancelled-TBDMW5:30 PM8:45 PMCancelled0200Contact Instructor -
GCO601 - NField Experience I3.00Gaddy, Harriett -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen150Contact Instructor -
GCO602 - NField Experience II3.00Gaddy, Harriett -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen250Contact Instructor -
GCO603 - NSchool Counseling Practicum I3.00Cancelled-TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMCancelled050Contact Instructor -
GCO604 - NSchool Counseling Practicum II3.00Drew, Meredith -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen150Contact Instructor -
GED602 - NEthical Issues3.00Pede, Vicki LC-243MW5:00 PM8:15 PMOpen10200Contact Instructor -
GED604 - NBehavior Management3.00Cullen, Daniel BRO-101TR5:00 PM8:15 PMOpen21200Contact Instructor -
GED607 - NAssessment for Instruction in Special Education3.00Dailey, Beth LIT-102MW5:00 PM8:15 PMOpen14200Contact Instructor -
GED644 - NSupervised Practicum In Reading 3.00Abato, Edward -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen14150Contact Instructor -
GED644 - PSupervised Practicum In Reading3.00Congdon, Frances C.-TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen2150Contact Instructor -
GED650 - NPrinciples and Practices of Supervision3.00Hamblin, Danielle BRO-104TR6:00 PM9:15 PMOpen17200Contact Instructor -
GED650 - WHPrinciples and Practices of Supervision3.00Smith, David A.OFF-Off SiteTR4:00 PM7:15 PMOpen13200Contact Instructor -
GED662 - NLiteracy Curriculum and Common Core Standards3.00Pede, Vicki LIT-101TR6:00 PM9:15 PMOpen11200Contact Instructor -
GED698 - NResearch in Instructional Leadership3.00Frederiks, Timothy BRO-009MW6:00 PM9:15 PMOpen760Contact Instructor -
GED698 - PResearch in Instructional Leadership3.00Frederiks, Timothy BRO-009TR6:00 PM9:15 PMOpen660Contact Instructor -
GIND693 - AInd Study/Understanding Dyslexia - Educational Research3.00Congdon, Frances C.-TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMClosed110Contact Instructor -
GIND693 - BInd Study/Critical Thinking, Moral Ed. and Ethics (GED637)3.00Genduso, Sandra -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMClosed110Contact Instructor -
GIND693 - CInd Study/Critical Thinking, Moral Ed. and Ethics (GED637)3.00Genduso, Sandra -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMClosed110Contact Instructor -
GIND693 - DInd Study/Finance and Facilities3.00Frederiks, Timothy -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMClosed110Contact Instructor -
GIND693 - NTemporary Grad Ind Study3.00STAFF, STAFF -TBDU12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen0200Contact Instructor -
* - All prices are subject to change without notice.
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