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Term: Fall 2014
Department Course ID Location/Type Section Course Offering List Credits Instructor(s) Room ID Days Start Time End Time Status Current Students Max Students Unofficial Students Textbook ISBN(s) New Textbook Price(s) *
GBA500 - NLeadership3.00Miranda, Jose -W6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen4180Contact Instructor -
GBA505 - NBusiness Communication (Blended)3.00Delghiaccio, Robert -M6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen1180Contact Instructor -
GBA520 - NFinancial Accounting3.00STAFF, STAFF -T6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen2180Contact Instructor -
GBA540 - NThe Global Business Environment3.00Tyson, Diana -M6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen9180Contact Instructor -
GBA560 - NLegal and Social Environment of Business3.00Zelman, Louis -R6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen5180Contact Instructor -
GBA640 - NQuantitative Analysis3.00Lall, Sapna -T6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen11180Contact Instructor -
GBA670 - NProblems in Marketing3.00DeCarolis, Diane -W6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen8180Contact Instructor -
GBA690 - NBusiness Strategy and Policy3.00Delghiaccio, Robert -R6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen4180Contact Instructor -
GCO501 - NCounseling: The Profession3.00Drew, Meredith -M6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen21300Contact Instructor -
GCO502 - NEthics for the Counseling Profession3.00Morgen, Keith -T6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen21250Contact Instructor -
GCO505 - NCounseling: Theory and Practice I3.00Morgen, Keith -W6:00 PM8:45 PMClosed32300Contact Instructor -
GCO520 - NGroup Dynamics I3.00Drew, Meredith -T6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen9250Contact Instructor -
GCO525 - OL-1Counseling Consultation (08/27/14-10/18/14)3.00Bloodgood, Janet -U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen12150Contact Instructor -
GCO541 - NStatistical Analysis3.00Gaddy, Harriett -W6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen7250Contact Instructor -
GCO544 - NResearch Methods in Counseling3.00Gaddy, Harriett -M6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen17250Contact Instructor -
GCO546 - NDiagnostic Assessment (Blended)3.00Drew, Meredith -W6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen17250Contact Instructor -
GCO566 - NPersonality Theory3.00Longberg, Larissa -R6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen21250Contact Instructor -
GCO568 - NMaladaptive Behavior I3.00Sidhu, Nancy Sachar-R6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen6250Contact Instructor -
GCO586 - OL-2Career Counseling (10/19/14-12/13/14)3.00Bloodgood, Janet -U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen15150Contact Instructor -
GCO590 - NSubstance Abuse Counseling3.00Morgen, Keith -W6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen6250Contact Instructor -
GCO593 - NPrevention Planning & Program Evaluation3.00Cancelled-R6:00 PM8:45 PMCancelled0100Contact Instructor -
GCO601 - NField Experience I3.00Gaddy, Harriett -U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen7100Contact Instructor -
GCO602 - NField Experience II3.00Gaddy, Harriett -U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen3100Contact Instructor -
GCO603 - NSchool Counseling Practicum I3.00Drew, Meredith -U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen8100Contact Instructor -
GCO604 - NSchool Counseling Practicum II3.00Drew, Meredith -U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen0100Contact Instructor -
GED510 - NEducational Administrative Theory3.00Hade, Edward -T6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen7200Contact Instructor -
GED550 - NSeminar in Curricular Evaluation and Assessment Strategies3.00Hunter, Alyce -W6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen15200Contact Instructor -
GED560 - NSeminar in Instructional Leadership3.00Cancelled-M6:00 PM8:45 PMCancelled0200Contact Instructor -
GED601 - NNature and Needs of Individuals with Disabilities3.00Cullen, Daniel -M6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen18200Contact Instructor -
GED601 - RTSNature and Needs of Individuals with Disabilities3.00STAFF, STAFF -T4:15 PM7:00 PMOpen2200Contact Instructor -
GED605 - NCharacteristics of Diverse Learners3.00Lally, Theresa -M6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen10200Contact Instructor -
GED606 - NApproaches to Instruction for Special Education3.00Cancelled-T6:00 PM8:45 PMCancelled0200Contact Instructor -
GED606 - RTSApproaches to Instruction for Special Education3.00Heath, Rosemary -W4:15 PM7:00 PMOpen18200Contact Instructor -
GED608 - NFamily, Society, and Children with Special Needs3.00Albrecht, Pauline -W6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen12200Contact Instructor -
GED615 - JSCollaborative Practices3.00Rodgers, Suzanne -R4:00 PM6:45 PMOpen6200Contact Instructor -
GED615 - NCollaborative Practices3.00Prystash, Kathleen -T6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen14200Contact Instructor -
GED618 - NSeminar in Research and Application in Special Education3.00Pede, Vicki -M6:00 PM8:45 PMClosed660Contact Instructor -
GED620 - NInclusive Practices3.00Hunter, Alyce -R6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen18200Contact Instructor -
GED634 - NInnovative Approaches Literacy Instruction3.00Congdon, Frances C.-M6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen16200Contact Instructor -
GED637 - RSCritical Thinking, Moral Education, and Ethics3.00Norman, Donna -W4:00 PM6:45 PMOpen4200Contact Instructor -
GED639 - NDiagnosis/Correct Reading/Writing Difficult I - Diagnosis3.00Ironson, Meryl -M6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen12200Contact Instructor -
GED642 - NSCase Studies in Supervision3.00Autore, John -R4:00 PM6:45 PMOpen6200Contact Instructor -
GED642 - WHCase Studies in Supervision3.00Smith, David A.-R4:00 PM6:45 PMOpen11200Contact Instructor -
GED646 - NChildren's Literature For The Graduate Student3.00McCoy, Lexis -T6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen6200Contact Instructor -
GED649 - NLiteracy In the Content Areas3.00Pede, Vicki -R6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen5200Contact Instructor -
GED650 - NPrinciples and Practices of Supervision3.00Wilson, Craig -T6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen12200Contact Instructor -
GED650 - RSPrinciples and Practices of Supervision3.00Swanson, Jeffrey W.-M4:00 PM6:45 PMOpen1200Contact Instructor -
GED650 - SSPrinciples and Practices of Supervision3.00Johnson, Daniel -M4:00 PM6:45 PMOpen9200Contact Instructor -
GED652 - NCurrent Issues in Special Education3.00Cancelled-T6:00 PM8:45 PMCancelled0200Contact Instructor -
GED660 - WHThe Principalship3.00Smith, David A.-T4:00 PM6:45 PMOpen12200Contact Instructor -
GED670 - NField Supervision Internship3.00Frederiks, Timothy -M6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen11100Contact Instructor -
GED671 - NField Supervision Internship II3.00Frederiks, Timothy -T6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen7100Contact Instructor -
GED680 - NHFinance and Facilities3.00Schumann, Christopher -W6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen10200Contact Instructor -
GED697 - NEducational Research3.00Frederiks, Timothy -R6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen660Contact Instructor -
GED697 - PEducational Research (Special Education)3.00McCluskey, Margaret -R6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen4200Contact Instructor -
GED698 - NResearch in Instructional Leadership3.00Frederiks, Timothy -W6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen160Contact Instructor -
GED699 - NSpec Top: Multiple Disabilities3.00Mullin, Linda -W6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen4200Contact Instructor -
GIND693 - AInd Study/Students, Teachers, Social Policy and The Law3.00Frederiks, Timothy -U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen110Contact Instructor -
GIND693 - BInd Study/Educational Law (GED619)3.00Frederiks, Timothy -U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen110Contact Instructor -
GIND693 - CInd Study/Case Studies in Supervision (GED642)3.00Frederiks, Timothy -U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen110Contact Instructor -
GIND693 - NTemporary Grad Ind Study3.00STAFF, STAFF -U12:00 AM12:01 AMOpen0200Contact Instructor -
GLP510 - NIntroduction to Leadership3.00Linskey, Joseph P.-W6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen10200Contact Instructor -
GLP602 - NAdvanced Written Communication3.00Carter, Jeffrey J-M6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen8200Contact Instructor -
GLP603 - NOrganizational Behavior3.00Kozlowski, Anthony -R6:00 PM8:45 PMOpen0200Contact Instructor -
* - All prices are subject to change without notice.
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