About Centenary College

Centenary College in the SpringCentenary College is a community of learners distinguished by a diverse student body, a dedicated faculty and staff, and career-focused educational opportunities.

As the primary educational and cultural resource for northwest New Jersey, Centenary offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate and professional programs as well as non-degree courses for professional and personal development.

Student-Centered Learning

The total growth of each individual is taken into account in the Centenary Experience. We try to match our teaching styles with your learning style.
We do this in many ways.

  • Through our outstanding faculty who take a personal interest in your academic success.
  • With computer technologies and learning systems that complement your academic pursuits
  • With a wide range of academic services, like our Career Development Center, to help you achieve your goals

    The college has a long standing commitment to community service and each student is expected to incorporate service learning into their college experience.

Centenary offers the same opportunities as “big universities,” like internships, work-study and study abroad, with a small school approach that provides individualized attention and personal care for each and every student.

Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programs

Centenary is an independent college offering 49 bachelor degree programs as well as associate degree programs in the liberal arts, master degree programs in business, health care administration, education, counseling, and leadership and public administration, with accelerated and online options available to students. Certification programs are also offered in many areas.

A Global Perspective

We are committed to preparing our students to take on leadership roles in a global, diverse world. With the advantages offered by a small college environment, the best teachers and the latest technology, we are committed to providing you with Student-Centered Learning and Unparalleled Service to make you one of tomorrow's leaders.

A Beacon to our Region

Working with local businesses, institutions and school systems, Centenary College and its graduates continue to be key resources for regional economic and educational development and for recreational and artistic initiatives to enrich the surrounding communities.

What Does University Status Mean?

Frequently Asked Questions

This is an exciting time in Centenary’s history as Centenary College is now officially Centenary University.  For members of the Centenary community and beyond, it is truly a time to celebrate.

A number of factors led to the decision to Centenary earning designation as a university. The decision to seek university status was based on a close examination of Centenary College’s evolution from a tiny United Methodist college established in Hackettstown in 1867 into a comprehensive institution with approximately 2,200 students at four locations. Over this nearly 150-year period, Centenary progressed from being a two-year women’s college to becoming a co-educational institution offering 11 graduate programs and three master’s level certifications. The institution proves to still be evolving since the Education Department has now been authorized to add an EdD in Educational Leadership to its graduate curriculum this fall. In addition, the Psychology and Counseling Program is exploring the feasibility of offering a PhD in Counseling.

General Questions

  1. What will Centenary be known as officially? In order to maintain brand recognition, Centenary University was chosen as the official name of the institution.
  2. What are the expected benefits of university status? Becoming a university reflects the quality and diversity of our academic programs and allows for growth for degree programs. It also increases the visibility of the institution nationally, as well as internationally. For our graduates, it may prove to be helpful for those who apply to graduate school as there is an added measure of prestige in graduating from a university. Since we are the only degree granting institution for three and a half counties, we have essentially been functioning as a university for quite some time.
  3. Did this change require approval from state or education agencies?  Centenary College submitted a formal petition for university designation to the State of New Jersey. Following a review process, New Jersey's Secretary of Higher Education approved the College’s application for university designation.
  4. When will the Centenary University name become official? It is official now that it is announced. The formal, legal name change will take place over the next six months to a year; additional details will be posted to our website as they become available.
  5. Will Centenary be getting a new logo?  Yes. We will adopt a new graphic identity that builds off our current image and moves us forward in communicating university status.
  6. Will Centenary have a new website in association with the new designation? Yes, Centenary will adopt a new website, as well as new web address. The redesigned website will be revealed in August.
  7. Will Centenary’s social media presence (Facebook, Twitter) change? Centenary will continue to have an active presence on social media sites. Our pages will reflect our new name and brand identity. This change will take place in the near future.
  8. What will happen to all of the Centenary signage? Changes to all signage will be completed within a year.
  9. When will the college store begin to sell Centenary University merchandise? Centenary University mugs and shirts are available without the logo.  Merchandise with the logo should be available shortly.
  10. Will the transition to university status affect the institution's reputation as an institution that provides experiential learning opportunities to its students?  No. Centenary University will continue providing our students with personalized attention and hands-on learning experiences for which Centenary is best known for.   
  11. Will the transition to university status change Centenary‘s mission? No. Centenary will continue to be an inclusive and collaborative learning community dedicated to preparing its students to enter society as professional and global citizens by providing experiences that foster skills of critical thought and purposeful action. The Centenary experience will continue to be distinguished by the fundamental belief in the full potential of each student, a strong liberal arts foundation, career preparation, and a culture of service to the community and to the world.

Current and Prospective Students

  1. I’m awaiting an admission decision. Do I have to re-apply to Centenary University? No. Admission materials will begin to transition to Centenary University during the 2016-2017 academic year.
  2. Will Centenary cost more now that it is a university? No. The change in name will not affect tuition.
  3. Is Financial Aid impacted? No. The forms, procedures and standards for applying for and receiving financial aid will remain the same.
  4. Will current students be graduates of Centenary College or Centenary University? Students who graduated in May 2016 are the final class to graduate from Centenary College. Students who graduate in January 2017 and beyond will be graduates of Centenary University.


  1. What does this mean for alumni? Alumni can feel a renewed sense of pride that their alma mater has achieved university status.
  2. Will alumni be able to request new diplomas? Yes. We are working on logistics and will update you soon.
  3. How should alumni refer to Centenary on their resumes?  Alumni may make this decision themselves, but we would recommend “Centenary University (formerly known as Centenary College).”
  4. Whom should I contact for more information? Annamaria Lalevee, Director of Public Relations and Communications at Centenary University. E-mail: laleveea@centenarycollege.edu; phone: (908) 852-1400, ext. 2238.

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