Prior Learning Assessment

What is PLA?

Centenary College’s Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Program is designed to help the adult learner combine college courses and life and/or work experience in a non-traditional approach toward earning a college degree. PLA lets you use your work experience for college credit!

How does PLA work?

This program is supervised through the PLA Program Director:

Dr. Jeffrey Carter
Prior Learning Assessment Program Director 
(908) 852-1400 ext. 5065

PLA Program requirements: 

  • Adult learners who are 23 years of age or older
  • matriculated undergraduate students
  • Have already earned a minimum of 8 credits of coursework at Centenary

Please Note: Students may not use PLA credits to satisfy their 32 credit residency requirement at the College.

This five minute video will show you how the PLA program can help you finish your college degree. Watch the PLA presentation »

Click to watch PLA presentation
Click to watch PLA presentation

Where to begin ...

To become involved in the College’s PLA Program, all interested students must:

  1. Complete a Prior Learning Assessment Pre‐registration Checklist through their academic/program advisor. 
  2. Register for and successfully complete a 1-credit required course, PLA-1000: PLA Portfolio Development, which is offered as needed.  The course covers details of the PLA process and the mechanics of portfolio creation. 
  3. After successful course completion, students will create and submit the portfolio(s) for approved course content to the Director of PLA, who will then assign the portfolio(s) to faculty evaluators who will assess the portfolio(s) and demine if college‐level credit has been demonstrated and the amount of credit earned.

Fee Information

  • The fee for PLA-1000 is the equivalent of one (1) credit at the prevailing tuition rate at the main campus, payable upon registration for the course.
  • The fee for PLA credits is 50% of the prevailing tuition rate per credit for the main campus.  Fee payment is due in full upon submission of portfolio(s) for evaluation.

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