Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the representative organization for students at Centenary College.  Our primary focuses are:


SGA will be an organization that facilitates and funds programs through student clubs. It will support clubs as they hold events for the benefit of the campus community.

Student Concerns

Another focus of SGA is researching, identifying, and pursuing solutions for student concerns on campus. We will be actively working to help students achieve a better quality college experience by listening to what students want or have concerns about. After identifying a concern or need on campus, SGA will brainstorm possible solutions, and approach the appropriate people to make progress on student concerns.

Club Support

If you are interested in starting a campus club or group please contact us.  We are happy to help you develop a plan for getting your new group off the ground.


There are many things to do and get involved with on campus, and we want to help get you connected, so please, contact us.


You can find a Student Government Association meeting held every Wednesday from 3:00pm - 4:00pm in the Ferry Building, Room 12. Meetings are open to ALL students.

SGA Fall Semester Schedule


·         2nd- Inter Club Council

·         9th- General Meeting

·         12th- Family & Alumni Weekend Events

·         16th- Senate Meeting

·         26th- Halloween Bash Event


·         6th- Inter Club Council

·         13th- General Meeting

·         20th- Senate Meeting


·         4th- Inter Club Council Meeting

·         6th- Hometown Holiday Event

·         11th- General Meeting





Contact Us

Sammie Davis, Student Government Association President
Phone: (908) 852-1400 ext. 2431

Tiffany Kushner, Senior Director of Student Engagement & SGA Advisor
Phone: (908) 852-1400 ext. 2426

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