Centenary Emergency Response Plans

The Centenary College Emergency Response Plan establishes guidelines for campus-wide communication, service coordination and safety procedures in the event of emergencies such as fires, bomb threats, severe weather situations, long-term power outages, hazardous material incidents, or any situation that could threaten lives or safety within the College community. Also, it is a tool to keep the College community informed in the event of a death on campus, computer virus alerts, and community situations that affect the College.

The plan defines the Emergency Response Team and includes procedures to coordinate general emergency response and keep people updated and informed.

Designated Evacuation Assembly Areas have been established for each building on campus should evacuation become necessary.

Dept Head:  Leonard Kunz, Assistant Dean for Campus Safety
Phone:  +1 (908) 852-1400

Email: campussecurity@centenarycollege.edu 

In the event of an EMERGENCY, please dial extension 0 (zero) or (908) 852-1400.