Campus Safety & Security

A safe and comfortable campus is critical to academic progress. It is also the basis of a great college experience. We take many steps to keep our campus focused on providing what you expect from a student-focused college.

You, your son, or your daughter have a right to learn in an environment removed from threats of violence, intimidation, or abuse. Our Campus Security offers:

  • Late night transport and escort services.
  • 24-hour emergency telephones.
  • Lighted pathways and sidewalks.
  • Controlled dormitories with key or security card access.
  • Residence Advisors in each dormitory.
  • Residence and student policies that encourage responsible, respectful behavior.

What is a 'lock down'?

A school lock down is a procedure which is initiated when school officials believe that there is a credible threat to student, faculty, and staff safety.

Lock downs are used to protect students from school shooters, bomb threats, and other forms of violence, but they can also be used when police are engaged in an operation nearby, or when a natural disaster has been declared.

The goal of a school lock down is to keep students, faculty, and staff safe, and while it may be frightening or disruptive, it is important to comply with the lock down for safety reasons.

In case of a lock down ...

When a lock down is ordered, people are told to stay inside their classrooms and/or residences and lock the doors. This is designed to prevent entrance from hallways and corridors. Windows will also be shut, locked, and covered with blinds to obscure visibility, and people are to stay away from doors and windows, sheltering in an area where they cannot be seen until a pre-authorized safety message via e2Campus has been delivered or the situation warrants immediate evacuation.

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Dept Head:  Leonard Kunz, Assistant Dean for Campus Safety
Phone:  +1 (908) 852-1400

Email: campussecurity@centenarycollege.edu 

In the event of an EMERGENCY, please dial extension 0 (zero) or (908) 852-1400.