Residence Hall Closings

End of Year Closing: All students are expected to vacate their room for the year and check out 24hrs after their last final exam.  Students with finals on Monday May 9th will need to be out of the halls by 9:00am on Tuesday May 10th. Anyone requesting a late check-out past their finals or May 10th MUST sign up in the Residence Life Office by 4pm on Friday Aril 29th

Late check-outs will be approved for the following reasons:

  • Graduating/ participating in Senior Week
  • Completing Academic requirements (student teaching, internships)
  • International
  • Assisting with commencement

Before leaving campus, please make sure to complete the following:

  • Remove all belongings from room, and pull furniture away from walls. 
  • Clean your room
  • Remove Trash
  • Lock windows and doors
  • Schedule meeting with RA staff 24hrs BEFORE you plan to leave
  • Sign RCI (Please know charges may be applied by pro staff after you have checked our of room).

Campus Breaks:

Students must check out of their rooms and leave campus during vacation or break periods.  Be sure to take all that you will need during the break. Remember, you will not be permitted to enter your residence hall during the break period.

All residence halls close during vacation periods except the designated break hall(s). The college does not conduct business during these periods where the college is officially closed. Mail delivery and meal services are not available. After the halls close no student may re-enter until it opens again at the end of each break.

Students requesting housing for work purposes or social events are not permitted to stay on campus.

Ando Hall is the only hall that remains open during break periods Apartments will only be used if space is needed.  Break Housing  is reserved for student athletes who need to remain on campus for NCAA Division III competitions and approved long distance students or academic reasons. (Students staying for break housing are not permitted to have overnight guests, or alcohol in the Residence Halls).

All students and student athletes who need to reside on campus during a break period must sign up in Residence Life with Kristin McGowan.  This policy includes students living in Ando Hall. All room assignments will be based on room availability.

Ando Residents: Please be advised that your space may be used during break periods. We ask that you remove all belongings from your bed, and clear your desk. Remove any valuables from your room and take them with you when you leave. Please tidy your room, and remove any trash.

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