Reasons To Live On Campus


Centenary residents live at the heart of the college community.  Living on campus allows you to be within walking distance of class, the dining hall, the fitness center, the library and all other services offered by Centenary.  In addition, the time and money spent in a long commute can be better spent partaking in all that Centenary College has to offer!


The friends you make in college are often the best friends you will have throughout life.  Those who live on campus expand the possibilities of the many friendships that can develop. The intimate setting of Centenary College really allows for resident students to get to know one another and form lasting friendships.


Residence Life at Centenary smooths the transition to independent living.  The caring community, from peers to RAs and staff members, work together to offer support for real life decision-making.  When you live on campus you gain valuable experiences and confidence outside the classroom. 

Community Living

While you are working toward independence, you also become part of an unforgettable community. Resident students learn to live in a community of peers that are diverse and unique. It is by working together and establishing close interpersonal relationships that Centenary’s residents will build a strong community.

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Housing Selection

Midway through the Spring Semester of each academic year housing selection takes place.  Groups of four students wishing to reside in Bennett-Smith Hall or Founders Hall will need to fill out an Apartment Housing Application with the credits they have completed, their GPA, and the date and time which the form was submitted.

Placement will be chosen based first on the total number of earned credits.  In the case of a tie, average GPA will then be considered and in case of a further tie, the time at which the form was submitted will be the last determining factor.

Students must have a minimum 2.3 GPA to be considered for Apartment style housing.

Rooms in the Apartments cannot be squatted and residents will reenter the housing lottery at the end of each academic year.

Students wishing to apply for Housing in Washabaugh, Van Winkle, Anderson, and Lotte Halls must complete Housing Applications and selection is determined based on the total number of credits the roommates have. Students residing in these halls may opt to squat their rooms for the subsequent academic year.

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There are no restrictions on housing requests for students who live within close proximity to the College.

Full time students are encouraged to apply for housing by contacting the Residence Life Office.

As soon as the Residence Life Office receives your request indicating an interest in being  resident on campus, a $300.00 deposit is needed as well as approval from the Director of Residence Life.