The Baccalaureate Ceremony At Centenary College

Sitnik Theater in the David and Carol Lackland Center.

The Baccalaureate is a centuries-old religious graduation tradition that started in England, but in the United States, the term generally refers to a non-denominational ceremony that, at Centenary, is held on the morning of our May College Commencement Ceremony.  Our baccalaureate ceremony offers a quieter, more intimate opportunity to pause and reflect on this rite of passage, listen to inspirational music, readings, and reflections from our campus minister.   

It is a joyous occasion for the entire college community: a time to rejoice, to praise, to honor and to celebrate with each other the life of learning, so richly shared by members of this community. It is especially a time to recognize - in a formal manner — the achievements of our friends and colleagues. During Centenary College’s Baccalaureate Ceremony we present awards to some of our students and our United Methodist Church Exemplary Teacher Award.  Student award recipients are notified prior to the event.