PDS Participating Schools and Districts

Students that hold a NJ Instructional or Educational Services Certificate and are employed at a public school, collaborating with Centenary College as Professional Development Schools (PDS), are entitled to a 50% reduction in the tuition rate for classes. This applies to Education courses that have the GED designation in the course number, both on the Centenary College campus as well as classes for courses offered at a PDS site.

Please note that students need to be under contract for the full school year in order to be eligible for this discount.

The following is a complete list of the PDS schools and districts and their corresponding section code for courses offered at a PDS site. This 2 or 3 letter code must appear on the registration form for courses offered at the respective school location.

List of Schools (as of September 28, 2015)

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PDS Coordinators

Timothy Frederiks  Ed.D.
(908)852-1400 ext. 2285 

Dr. Eric Nixon
908-852-1400 x 2559