The following list of locations are eligible for the PDS program.  Please note the special circumstances and financial considerations for the program. 

  • New Schools/Districts may be added to the Centenary College Consortium, but courses may not be offered at these new sites. Certified Teachers and aides from these schools may attend courses at any of the recognized “sites” and/or the Centenary College campus.
  • The PDS tuition rate will apply to only certified teachers, educational services personnel, and aides who hold contract positions at PDS schools.
  • The PDS tuition rate will apply to only Graduate courses with the “GED” designation.
  • Students taking any clases at the PDS locations are not eligible for federal, state or institutional aid.

Location Listing

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PDS Coordinators

Timothy Frederiks  Ed.D.
(908)852-1400 ext. 2285 

Dr. Eric Nixon
908-852-1400 x 2559