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Don't Forget to Register to Vote

09/23/2013, 05:41 PM

Dear Fellow Students,

On behalf of Centenary College Student Government Association, I would like to inform you of this year’s upcoming New Jersey election. In the coming months the Senate special election will be held on October 16th to choose the New Jersey United States Senate Class 2, along with the gubernatorial election to choose the New Jersey governor for the upcoming term, which is to be held on November 5th.

As we move through our college experience and into the "real world", the decisions of our state and countries political officials will have an enormous impact on our lives and it is our duty to have a say in who those officials will be. The only way this can be achieved is through registering ourselves and filling our ballot in this year’s election and each year’s election as we move forward into the future. I encourage you all to register, if you have not already, and let your voice be heard. While your one vote may seem insignificant, collectively we all can make a difference.

The links below will lead you to multiple sites where voter information can be found along with directions on how to register, along with details about candidates so that you can make an informed decision. I thank you for your time.



Get involved, make a difference,

Quinn Khouri

SGA Vice President