Dr. Joseph Bucci

Assistant Professor of Biology
Phone: ext. 2322
Email: buccij@centenarycollege.edu

Academic Accomplishments

  • B.S. Washington College, 1989
  • M.S. University of Georgia, 1993
  • Ph. D. North Carolina State University , 1997


Dr. Bucci completed a degree in Biology from Washington College.  Following graduation, he worked in the Immunogenetics laboratory at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore prior to entering a master’s program at the University of Georgia studying immunoparasitology of Schistosoma mansoni infection in the baboon model.  From there, he continued studies at North Carolina State University investigating immune responses associated with feline immunodeficiency virus, earning a Ph. D.  in Immunology.  Dr. Bucci was appointed Assistant Professor of Biology at Campbell University in Buies Creek, North Carolina where he served until 2000. 

For the next several years, Dr. Bucci tended to his family and opened a successful business which he owned and operated until moving to New Jersey in 2010.  He joined the faculty at Centenary College in the Fall semester of 2012.


Dr. Bucci’s research interests are in the parasite/host relationships of digenetic trematodes, specifically, that the Strigeids, Uvulifer ambloplitis, Posthodiplostomum minimum and Ornithodiplostomum ptychocheilus  These parasitic worms are characterized by complex life cycles involving three different hosts including snails, fish, and piscivorous birds, such as herons and kingfishers. 

Preliminary studies are underway to determine the differences in infection rates and target organs of various Centrarchid fish for P. minimum.  I am establishing laboratory models of the P. minimum and O. ptychocheilus and when successfully established, projects designed to investigate various stages of the infection cycles of these parasites including fecundity studies, host location and invasion strategies, immune responses of vertebrate hosts, and parasite transmission between the different host animals will be undertaken.

Published Works

Bucci, J. G., English, R. V.,  Jordan, H. L.,  Childers, T. A., Tompkins, M. B., and Tompkins, W. A. F. (1998). Mucosally transmitted feline immunodeficiency virus induces a CD8+ antiviral response that correlates with reduction of cell-associated virus. Journal of Infectious Diseases 177: 18–25.

Bucci, J. G., Gebhard, D. H., Childers, T. A., English, R. V., Tompkins, M. B. and Tompkins, W. A. F. (1999). The CD8+ cell phenotype mediating antiviral activity in feline immunodeficiency virus-infected cats is characterized by reduced surface expression of the CD8  chain.  Journal of Infectious Diseases 178: 968–977.

Jordan, H. L., Howard, J. G., Bucci, J. G., Butterworth, J. L., English, R. V., Kennedy-Stoskopf, S., Tompkins, M. B., and Tompkins, W. A. F.  (1998). Horizontal transmission of feline immunodeficiency virus with semen from seropositive cats.  Journal of Reproductive Immunology 41 (1): 341-357.

Joseph Bucci
Joseph Bucci