Software Development Requests

Welcome to the software development request web site. Choose the type of request that is needed:

New Feature / New App / Enhancement Request
A request would be considered a new feature / new app / enhancement request if the functionality requested does not exist in the current system(s) today. Typically, it is a small app or feature that is going to be built from the ground up or a change to an existing feature.

Bug / Error Report
A request would be considered a bug if the feature already exists in the system but is not behaving in the manner as expected. It may be giving you cryptic error messages. It may not be processing the data as it was originally requested.

Report / Data Extraction Request
All issues involving reports should be submitted using this form. This includes a request for a new report, changes to columns, questionable data, etc. This form would also be used to request an extract of data from any one of our current systems.