Student Laptop Program Policy


In the Fall 2013 term, Centenary College modified the student laptop program to include an Apple MacBook Pro option.  Students participating in the laptop program must sign the laptop agreement, which outlines the rules of the laptop program and student responsibilities as far as caring for the laptop. Students under 18 must have a guardian sign a copy as well.

Centenary issued laptops are fully supported by the Help Desk. The Help Desk does everything possible to resolve laptop issues quickly to ensure that students have a working computer.


The student laptop program is available to Traditional Full-Time and Part-Time Undergraduate students. Students may select a MacBook Pro, a PC laptop, or opt out of the program entirely. Once a part of the program, students may only opt out between the Spring and Fall semesters. If a student opts out of the program or is no longer eligible for a laptop, the laptop must be returned to IT.

Options & Timing

Prior to the start of each Fall term, all fulltime undergraduate students will be eligible to participate in the PC laptop or MacBook program.  Upon initial enrollment at Centenary College, all fulltime undergraduate students are automatically opted out of the laptop program.  Each student has the opportunity to select a PC or Mac laptop.

Subsequent terms will be a continuation of the previous choice.  If a student wishes to opt-up, he/she must do so prior to the start of the new Fall semester.

Program Cost Structure

Please see the IT Knowledge Base for current options and pricing.

Software Included

Please see the IT Knowledge Base for current software configurations.

Off-Semester and Study Abroad Rules

Students may keep their laptops over summer and winter break if enrolled as a full-time undergraduate for the coming semester. Students that have been full-time undergraduate students may continue to use their laptop for their final semester at Centenary even if they are not full time. Students who go to study abroad may take their laptop with them. However, before they leave, the help desk should activate their Windows installation with a MAK key so their Windows does not deactivate after 90 days of not being able to check in with our servers. Contact the help desk for a key.

Laptop Damage Fees

Students are responsible to pay a fee for physical laptop damage or missing or broken chargers. If your laptop is damaged, please see the Help Desk as soon as possible. Many times, very minor damage can become major damage if not addressed immediately. Cost of damage is variable depending on severity. Damage fees can increase if a student has multiple incidents of laptop damage.

Major Laptop Damage Examples: 

  •  Broken screen
  •  Spill damage
  •  Major laptop shell damage

Minor Laptop Damage Examples:

  • Stickers, paint, nail polish
  • Minor laptop shell cracks
  • Missing parts


All Centenary issued laptops can be replaced, if the laptop or mac is found to be defective, faulty, or damaged due to neglect or abuse. 

If a replacement is required for defective or faulty equipment, the PC laptop or MacBook will be replaced with a refurbished PC laptop or MacBook, respectively, free of charge. 

If a replacement is required due to neglect or abuse, a deductible must be paid in the Business Office before the replacement is issued.



 Withdrawing students must return their computer to the IT department.

·        Graduating students have the option of keeping the computer. Call the Help Desk for details.

·        Students that leave the college but have not purchased or returned their laptops within 30 days of their departure will be billed for the full value of the computer.