Technology Purchasing Policy

General Guidelines

Please follow these steps when purchasing any type of hardware or software technology:

  • Send a detailed email to helpdesk@centenarycollege.edu indicating the type of technology that must be purchased.  Please include as much information as possible.
  • The IT Purchasing Agent will perform any needed research and provide the requester with a quote for the technology.
  • Submit the quote through the College finance system.  The Finance Office will then use the standard purchasing procedure to complete the process.

Technology Purchased for Personal Use


From time to time, the IT department will sell off older equipment, or purchase equipment on behalf of a business user for personal use.  Any time this situation occurs, the proper procedure must be adhered to.

For old equipment that is being sold or disposed of, the CIO and Budget Director will decide on a fair value for the equipment. The person purchasing the equipment must fill out a contract that states that he or she is purchasing the equipment and assuming liability for it. This must be done even if the decided value is $0.