Mobile Phone Usage

Staff and faculty members who have been granted a company phone (Blackberry, iPhone, or Android) must adhere to the following:


All company issued phones and all data within are the property of Centenary College.  We reserve the right to secure the phones in any manner including installing antivirus or security software.


Each department is responsible for the charges incurred by company issued phones.  IT re-evaluates each user’s account for usage costs and adjusts the usage plan for the best savings.

As with any other Centenary College issued device or access privilege, responsibility is understood.  Any criminal activity associated with the issued device will be the responsibility of the named user of the device.


Smartphones have become increasingly powerful over the years.  In the past sensitive or critical data was housed within the college’s physical boundaries and IT carefully secured the campus and data.  In the previous decades, IT’s greatest challenge was to secure our data from threats from the internet (hackers, viruses, etc.).  As technology continues to expand and grow, we are faced with a new challenge of securing our data on the various handheld devices in use today.

Our Centenary issued devices (Blackberries, iPhones, Androids, and iPads), as well as, personal hand held devices that access our network need to be secured.  Our emails containing sensitive student information, data queries, reports, etc., are contained on our hand held devices.  At any given time, critical and sensitive Centenary College data can be walking through shopping centers, left lying on a tabletop, being dropped on a sports field, or stolen.  To help protect our data, our students and our selves, all handheld devices that access the Centenary College network must have a password.

  • Must be a minimum of 4 characters in length
  • Must not be shared with anyone

Removal or shutting off the password protection feature on a company issued phone, will result in the account being shut off.