IT Oversight Committee Policy


The IT Priorities Committee was formed and held their first meeting in September 2011.  The committee represented a balance between staff and faculty and had representatives from various departments.  The staff and faculty were asked for ideas for high priority projects.  The committee reviewed over 40 projects and prioritized them.

General Rules

  • To be considered a IT Priorities project, the estimated time for completion must be greater than 3 months.
  • A project may also be considered an IT Priorities project, if it spans more than one department.
  • Voting privilege is limited to the pre-selected voting members only.  This is done to insure equal voting between staff and faculty interests.
  • Non-voting members can attend meeting to discuss project(s) but may not vote.

Prioritization Rules

Voting members of the committee are asked to take into consideration the following when casting their votes:

  • Alignment with strategic plan
    • Does the project meet the long-term goals of the college?
  • Financial
    • Does the college or department(s) have the money allocated to cover the cost of the project?
    • Can the college afford to NOT do the project at this time regardless of available funds?
    • What is the return on investment?
  • Timing
    • Will the delivery date of the project have an adverse affect on business?
    • Does the delivery of this project need to coincide with a term, season,  month, etc.?
    • Does the delivery of this project need to coincide with the delivery of another project?
  • Resources
    • Does IT have the staff and skills needed for the project?
    • Is training and time available that fits in the project timeline?
    • Does the requesting department(s) have the staff available who can commit to on-going meetings and input into the project?
    • What hardware is needed?  Can it be acquired within the timeline?


  • Meetings are scheduled bi-annually in September and February.
  • Prior to the meeting date, an email is sent to staff and faculty requesting any new projects or ideas to be reviewed by the committee
  • Committee meets
    • Review status of priority projects voted as #1 – 6  from previous meeting.
      • Review project plan
      • Discuss findings, issues, concerns
    • Review new requests
    • Determine if reprioritization is necessary (vote if required)
    • Results are sent to Barbara Lewthwaite for final approval
      • Board of Trustees can overrule Barbara’s decision
      • Executive Staff can serve as advisors to voting members
    • Results of the meeting are shared with the community.
    • IT moves forward with the priority order.

Special Considerations 

IT will use the IT Oversight Committee’s prioritized project list as a guide for planning and allocating resources.   There are, however, circumstances that will require IT to shift their attention to projects or tasks that are not part of the prioritized project list.

  • As a recipient of state, federal and private funds, Centenary College is fundamentally responsible to remain in compliance with any regulations.  As new regulations are passed, we must immediately modify the system or process to remain in compliance.  The associated project will temporarily become top priority until the project is completed.
  • When a breach of contractual obligations is identified, it will become a top priority until the issue is understood and resolved.
  • Standard and emergency requests that are required for the day-to-day operations by all departments serviced by IT rely on a timely response IT Services.  This includes requests such as ad-hoc queries, bug fixes, critical enhancements, etc.   IT will continue to service those departments and prioritize the requests based on requestor input and resource availability.

Depending on the volume of any of the special considerations mentioned above, the IT Oversight Committee’s prioritized project timelines can be adversely affected.