Printing Policy

Overview of the Print Quota for Public Printers

A pilot project tracking public printing has shown that this amount of free printing meets the needs of the vast majority of students.  The central goal in implementing a print allowance is to reduce waste.  Each time you swipe your ID card, the print station displays the remaining print quota.  Students are allotted a print quota of 500 free pages ($40) at the start of each semester to be used in the Library or the HUB.  Left over pages from the initial 500 will not roll over to the following semester.  

Once the printing quota has been exceeded, users will be charged $0.08 per page.  Students can add additional pages to their print account by purchasing a print “Top-Off” card from the Library or Business Office during normal business hours in $4 increments for a total of 50 additional pages.  “Top-Off” cards are non-refundable and non-transferrable.  However, unused pages from the “Top-Off” cards will be carried over to the new semester for returning students.  Guests and alumnae/i can obtain guest cards at the Taylor Memorial Library Information Desk.

You will have 24 hours to release your print job from the print queue; otherwise you will need to reprint your work.  

Printing for non-students is $0.15 per page. Printing will be distributed only when payment is received.

  • Any non-academic print jobs that are done on behalf of staff or faculty must be printed on the printers in the office that "employs" the student.  All academic-related print jobs should be printed on the Library or Hub printers to be counted against their student allotment.
  • There is no fee for the “Top-Off Card”, the $4 is used entirely for pages. After the Top-Off Cards number is entered in the student’s My Printing account, the card can be thrown out. Numbers that are entered into the system cannot be reused.
  • All students start printing with a $40 balance. As the number of prints increases, the balance is reduced accordingly in $0.08 increments. This is indicated by monetary values not by number of prints.
  • If you have any issues, please email “helpdesk” and in the Subject line enter “PaperCut” with any problems with the PaperCut system. If there is a problem with the printer (e.g., if there is a printer jam) and a page is lost, email the “helpdesk” and in the Subject line enter “PaperCut Refund” along with your login name (ie. Smithj10)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many free printouts from public print stations am I allowed?
    At the start of each semester, students will get 500 free black and white pages to be used in the Library and HUB.
  2. What happens if I print more than 500 pages?
    When you reach your print quota, you will need to obtain a “Top-Off” card from the Library or Business Office during normal business hours in $4 increments for a total of 50 additional pages.
  3. What if I have to print something that is not part of my course work but is for a club, organization, or for a job on campus that I fill?  Printing that is done for non-course work must be done within the department that oversees the club, organization or job.  For example, RAs and RDs should print anything related to the job responsibility in the Student Affairs department.  Note takers should print their notes in the Academic Success Center. 
  4. How can I add more printing to my account?
    Once you purchase a “Top-Off” card”, enter this special code on your account by logging into My.Centenary on the link to “My Printing” or login at http://papercut.centenarycollege.edu:9191/.  Once logged in, navigate to “Redeem Card” and enter the information from your paid Top-Off card.  Once entered, you will receive an additional 50 pages.
  5. If I do not exceed the quota will the extra pages roll over to the next semester?
    No.  Accounts are reset at the beginning of each semester. The quota is a generous allowance for your semester's academic needs.  Only paid pages will roll forward.
  6. How many printouts am I allowed over the summer?
    Students enrolled in summer classes will receive 350 free pages at the start of the semester. Users not enrolled in classes will be required to pay for printing. When you reach your print quota, you will need to obtain a “Top-Off” card from the Library or Business Office during normal business hours in $4 increments for a total of 50 additional pages.
  7. What happens if I forget my Centenary ID and need to print?
    You must carry your ID with you at all times.  If you forget your ID, one of the Library staff can look up your print job and release it for you.
  8. Can I print double sided?
    Yes.  The Library and HUB printers can print double sided.  When printing your print job, select the properties of the printer to print double-sided.
  9. If I print double sided will it count as one page or two?
    Printing on both sides of the paper cuts down on waste and benefits the environment. Your quota will be decremented by the number of pieces of paper used. For example, if you print 5 pages double sided, you will be charged for 3 prints. Please help us help the environment, and stretch your quota further too: print double sided.
  10. What happens to my print job if there are not enough funds to complete?
    Before printing, the amount of pages for your released print job will check your balance.  If there are not enough funds in your account, your print job will not be released and you will get a message indicating a low balance.  You will need to purchase a “Top-Off” card to get an additional 50 pages.
  11. Can I print to a public printer if I am not a current Centenary student?
    Printing for non-students is $0.15 per page. Printing will be distributed only when payment is received.  The library staff will release your print job at time of payment.
  12. Who decided to implement a print quota policy and why?
    Printing from public printers has dramatically increased over the past five years. Therefore, the Technology Committee gathered printing statistics, compared printing quota policies at other schools, and assessed the cost of printing at the College.  The Committee decided to allow a generous amount of free printing to users, so that more College funds do not need to be shifted from other services to printing. This change was approved by the executive staff.
  13. What are other colleges and universities doing?
    Few schools offer any free printing, and most of those that do, offer fewer free pages than Centenary College.  Our policy is more generous than that of our peers.
  14. How do I see my balance or cancel a print job?
    You can login to your print account on my.centenary on the link to “My Printing” or login at http://papercut.centenarycollege.edu:9191/.  You can cancel your print job on your computer or at the release station.  Any print job left in the queue after 24 hours will be deleted.  The print release stations will also display your current balance in dollar amounts.  Each page represents .08.
  15. Where can I see the actual policy?
    The Printing Policy is available on the ITS Website https://www.centenarycollege.edu/cms/index.php?id=4110 site.