Support Policies

Contacting the IT Department

All requests for technology support must be directed to the Centenary College Help Desk and never to an individual IT staff member.  Doing so will ensure that a ticket is created that can then be routed to the appropriate IT professional.

Contact the Help Desk by calling 908-852-1400 x2000 or send an email to helpdesk@centenarycollege.edu.

Technology Setup or Event Support

Only faculty and staff are permitted to request technology or support for events by the IT department.  If a student or student group wishes to request technology or support for an event, the request must be made by a staff or faculty member.

Using the Technology Request Form is the proper way to request a technology setup or support for College events.  Using the form ensures that all the needs of the event will be met and that the event is recorded in the IT calendar.  Requests submitted in other ways may not be completed.  This form should be submitted as far in advance as possible to ensure that the event requirements may be met.

The IT department may not be able to support events that take place outside of normal business hours.  Requests for technology or IT support that are not made at least one week in advance and that take place after 6:30 PM on weekdays, on weekends, or on any day that the College is closed may be charged a $50/hour fee for IT services. 

Services offered include:

  • Tech support for events
  • Projector & screen setup
  •  Loaner laptops
  •  Speakers and/or microphone
  •  Creation of a web conference
  •  Digital signage presentation on available TV screens

Scope of Support

College Owned Technology

Products reach their end of life for a number of reasons.  For hardware, it may be because the product is no longer in production and parts cannot be obtained, or because the product no longer meets the minimum requirements for current operating systems.  Software may reach end of life when newer versions become available or when they become unsupported by the software vendor, making it more susceptible to security intrusion.

The IT department will support software as long as it is still supported by the vendor and hardware for at least one year after vendor support has expired, as long as parts are available.  At that point, the IT department will give "best effort support” on the machine and any costs involved in the repair would be the responsibility of the requesting department.

The IT department keeps a list of technology that has reached its determined End Of Life (EOL).

Personal Equipment

Personal technology owned by Centenary students, staff, or faculty will give “best effort support” at the Help Desk window. The IT department will not take equipment in for extended work.

Some examples of things we will assist with on personal equipment include: 


  • Connecting to the Centenary wireless
  • Troubleshooting minor software issues or bugs
  • Configuring a smart phone to receive Centenary email
  • Assistance backing up documents to CD or flash drive

“Best Effort Support”

Unsupported technology used by Centenary students, staff, or faculty for business or class related work will only be eligible for "best effort support”, meaning:

The IT department will:

  • Troubleshoot software issues
  •  Assist with installations of user owned software
  •  Install approved Centenary licensed software on faculty & staff computers

The IT department will not:

  •  Fix severe hardware issues
  •  Copy or recover data
  • Install Centenary licensed software on personal machines (ex: Microsoft Office)
  • Add a user’s personal computer to the Centenary domain