Presidential Scholar Recipients

The 2013 - 2014 Recipients

The Presidential Scholars program is designed to recruit and retain the “best of the best” of each freshman class. The Presidential scholarship is the most prestigious merit award and is offered annually. Scholars can expect to engage in intensive guided research, leadership and scholarship programs that prepare them to compete in a global marketplace. Participants in the program will recognize how their exceptional talents contribute to the local community and support the college's academic mission. Each department will engage the scholars through its curriculum and also provide opportunities to enrich and nurture the individual’s intellectual curiosity and passions.  

Participants, in addition to the 75% tuition coverage, will:

  • engage in yearly research with faculty mentors;
  • have access to priority housing, priority registration, priority internships;
  • participate in a specialized leadership course, campus leadership projects;
  • attend a yearly leadership retreat,
  • and attend events with the College president, Board of trustees, distinguished alumni and potential donors and friends of the College.

Scholarships are renewable for eight semesters as long as the student maintains a semester average of 3.5. Summer courses and administrative fees are not covered under the Presidential Scholars Program. 

We are looking to identify ideal matches for specific programs and individuals who are excited to contribute to the Centenary College community as a whole. This award is designed to cultivate a social and learning environment for individuals who are committed to scholarship and leadership; those who are exciting and creative; those who show initiative, depth of character, exceptional potential; and most importantly, those who are transformational leaders both on and off campus.

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