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Centenary College Announces New Academic Programs

Centenary College is pleased to announce the following new academic programs:

Social Media Marketing

Businesses are looking for employees who have the latest skills to compete in an ever-changing, global and technology-filled world.  As social, mobile and cloud solutions continue to dominate the market, employers look to the next generation of employees to bring their brands into the twenty-first century. Centenary's Social Media Marketing is a unique program, where students earn a B.S. Business Administration in Social Media Marketing concentration or combine a Social Media Marketing minor with other majors, such as Visual Arts or Communication. Students can also enhance their career with a Social Media Marketing Certificate.  Our technology center, #theVIBE, provides students access to the latest in Social Media tools via a fun, hands-on approach.

Forensic Science

Forensic Science is the application of science to the investigation of crime.  It is an intense field that combines a deep understanding of the physical sciences, knowledge of the law, and your intuition. Centenary's Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science is designed to help students explore different types of crimes, understand what types of evidence are collected from crime scenes, and how to interpret and collaborate information that is gathered from crime scenes.  A concentration in Forensic Science for Biology majors is also offered that combines the benefits of both the biology and the criminal justice programs, allowing students interested in both fields to pursue new career options.

Technological advances in science as well as glamorized television shows such as "CSI", "Bones", "NCIS", and "Criminal Minds" have made Forensic Science one of the fastest growing fields in the STEM arena.  Interestingly, the great success of these shows has also increased the need for specialists in this area, as prosecutors find the jury increasingly demanding that convincing proof of guilt (obtained using forensic-science methods and techniques) be produced to them in order to obtain a conviction.  This career is in high demand; it is attractive, exciting, and appeals to students from different backgrounds with highly focused goals and interests.

Accounting/Finance (CPA Track)

Students majoring in Accounting/Finance: CPA Track plan to pursue careers in Accountancy, many as Certified Public Accountants (C.P.A.).  Centenary's dual major will fully prepare students for the CPA test/license with 150 required credits in only four years, rather than the traditional five years.  Centenary's curriculum is real-world and hands-on.

Students pursuing a dual major in Accounting/Finance have access to a wider variety of career options.  This degree combination is extremely useful for those interested in careers in business, finance, accounting and economics. 

Interested students can contact the Admissions Office at 1-800-236-8679 or at admissions@centenarycollege.edu.  Our admissions counselors are available to meet with you and our staff at your school.  Call us at 1-800-236-8679 to set up a visit.


Dear Colleagues and Guidance Professionals,

Centenary is a small liberal arts college with a big mission - preparing students for a lifetime of personal and professional success. Students who choose Centenary are drawn to our intimate learning environment, career-centered studies, dedicated faculty and staff all readily accessible and a myriad of opportunities that help students discover their place in the world.

We invite you to visit Centenary at a time that is convenient for you.  Guidance Counselors are welcome to attend any of our scheduled events or may call the Admissions Office to schedule an individual appointment to tour campus. 

Please bookmark this page and check back regularly for any new developments.

At Centenary, your students' futures are just a degree away!

The Admissions Staff

Your students will succeed at Centenary.

At Centenary, we are committed to helping students achieve their dreams and reach their goals. With an entire campus singularly focused on their success, they have a large network of resources right at your fingertips.

Student Centered Learning

  • Career focused programs and majors with a results orientated Career Development Center that will personally match them with an internship that will prepare them for their dream career
  • Small class sizes (student to faculty ratio is 17 to 1!) allowing for professors to connect students to a wide variety of subjects that relate directly to their personal interests
  • Dedicated Faculty engage students in real-world learning
  • A quality, private education at an affordable price thanks to our impressive scholarship packages
  • Diverse student community hailing from 22 states and 5 countries
  • 13 NCAA Division III Intercollegiate teams, and a nationally ranked equestrian riding team!

Opportunities for Personal Growth and Social Interaction

  • Numerous student leadership opportunities
  • Over 30 clubs and activities
  • 13 Division III athletic teams
  • An abundance of community service opportunities

Academic Support for Student Success

  • Individual tutoring
  • Writing center
  • Comprehensive program for students with special learning needs

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