First-Year Experience

The First Year Experience Program is designed to equip First Year students with the skills and experiences needed to make a successful transition into Centenary College.

Your first year of college is a time when you will meet new people, live and learn in a new community and discover more about who you are and who you are to become.

For some of you, this will be your first time away from home. It is completely normal to feel a mixture of excitement and trepidation when you think about how you are going to adjust to college life. At Centenary College we are committed to make this transition as smooth as possible for you through our First Year Programs.

We want to help you make those meaningful connections that will help you reach your highest levels of achievement. Experienced students, faculty and staff will introduce you to the Centenary Community through classes, campus clubs and organizations, community service and leadership programs.

Bridging the Transition to College

Each September, our first year students enroll in a year-long program designed to bridge the transition from high school to college. Called the First Year Experience, it launches your life-long learning adventure at Centenary.

Created by faculty and students, the First Year Experience ensures your first year at Centenary College is exciting and rewarding. You will build new friendships and learn more about yourself through special courses and memorable events.

Your journey begins in the summer with an invitation to our Fresh Start Event. Fresh Start is an informative over-night experience designed to get you and your parents ready for Centenary College. There you will meet your future classmates and professors, learn about our different campus services, and get ready for you life as a college student.

Learn more about the Fresh Start Event by clicking here.

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Specially Trained Faculty & Small Classes

Our creative faculty deliver innovative, interdisciplinary freshmen courses that fuse new ideas and Internet technology into a lively learning process.

With a student to teacher ratio of 16:1 classes are small, with seminars and meetings in dorms and lounges that complement your classroom studies.

Being a First Year student at Centenary means being involved in your major and a program called Academic Foundations (AFC). The Academics Foundations Program is a comprehensive first-year program that was first implemented in 2003. AFC's primary goal is to help first-year students make the transition from secondary school to college with equal and individualized attention given to academic, social, and emotional development. The AFC program strives to foster the spirit of civility and respect required for participation in a diverse democratic society, and endeavors to cultivate socially and ethically responsible behavior.

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First Year Leaders

First Year Leaders are upper class students at Centenary College who have been hand-picked based on their leadership qualities.

They fill the role of mentor, friend and informative source for incoming students.

The goal of the First Year Leader Program is simple: to help freshmen students smoothly make the transition from high school to college. First Year Leaders are embedded in the Academic Foundations at Centenary Courses (AFC) and attend every session of their assigned class. In the classroom they are expected to aid the professor. Outside class, the FYL’s are available to tutor students in all AFC related course work and are responsible for coordinating social and academic programs that promote team building and bonding.

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Academic Support Services

The First Year Experience has a number of ways to help you excel in your college experience. Peer Tutors, the Writing Collaboratory, and On-line Tutors are all here to help.

The Academic Success Center is here to help with any of your academic needs and all come as part of your tuition package so do not every feel like you cannot ask for help!

Click here to visit the Academic Services and Academic Support Web page.

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FYE Contact

Caitlin Giordano
Director of First and Second Year Experience
908-852-1400 x2833