Cost of Attendance vs. Tuition

Each year, our office will determine the estimated Cost of Attendance (COA) for all students attending Centenary College in compliance with federal regulations.

The COA for attending Centenary will include charges that you will be billed for (tuition, fees, room and board if you are living on campus) as well as “out-of-pocket” expenses including books/supplies, travel, and miscellaneous. The COA is not what you will be required to pay to attend Centenary; rather it is the maximum amount of financial aid that a student can receive.

The yearly direct costs for a full-time undergraduate student at Centenary is comprised of:

Traditional Undergraduate Students

Estimated Tuition, Fees, books and supplies:

Tuition and Fees

Books and Supplies




8 credits/semester



4 credits/semester




Estimated Room, Board, Travel, Miscellaneous and Loan Fees:

Cost of Living Item

On Campus

Off Campus

With Parent

Room and Board












Loan Fees





As you can see, depending on where a student is living and how many credits a student is taking, the COA can change. A student living on campus can expect a COA of $46,444, of which $40,860 would be direct costs, billed by the College. A student who is commuting while living with their parents can expect a COA of $37,402, of which $30,540 would be direct costs.

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