Thanking Your Scholarship Donor

Congratulations! You have been selected as a scholarship recipient and will be receiving a monetary gift from an individual, corporation, or family. The donor(s) has invested in your education and this gift brings you one step closer to obtaining your educational goals. Finding the words to express your gratitude to an anonymous donor can sometimes be challenging or intimidating. Any great thank-you letter should include the following:

• an appropriate salutation
• identification of the gift (specifically name the scholarship)
• an expression of your gratitude for the gift
• a handwritten signature

Thank You Letter Instructions

Expressing gratitude for a donor’s generosity serves a dual purpose. It provides you an opportunity to share your excitement with the donor of the gift.

Donor Thank You List

Award: Affinity Federal Credit Union Scholarship 
Contact: Dr. Farrell

Award:   Arden Davis Melick '60 and Bernice Davis Spies '31 Scholarship
Contact:  Ms. Melick

Award:  Bertha Florey Sloan Scholarship in Business
Contact:  Ms. Lisowski-Sloan

Award:  BD Scholarship
Contact:  Ms. Rafferty

Award:  Centenary College Criminal Justice Student Achievement Award
Contact:  Mr. Linne

Award:   Carol Whitney Harrington ’50 Scholarship
Contact:  Mr. & Mrs. Harrington
Award:   Catherine Guerrera Project ABLE Fund
Contact:   Midge Guerrera
Award:  Charlotte W. Newcombe Scholarship
Contact:  Ms. Wilfrid

Award:  Christopher Willis Scholarship in Accounting
Contact:  Ms. Fung

Award:   Claire Couch Bosee ’54 Scholarship
Contact:  Ms. Bosee

Award:   Comprehensive Group Scholarship
Contact:  Mr. Smith

Award:  Cutler and Swenson Award in Social and Behavioral Sciences
Contact:  None

Award: Dallas Family Foundation
Contact: Mr. Robert Dallas

Award:   Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, Epsilon Chapter Scholarship
Contact:  Ms. Sirocky

Award:  Diane “DD” Sillcocks ’54 Memorial Scholarship
Contact:  Mr. Sillcocks
Award:  Deloitte Scholarship
Contact:  Ms. Ellen Stafford-Sigg

Award:  Dr. Charles Frederickson Award
Contact:  Ms. Boody

Award:  The Doris L. Moore Award
Contact:  Mr. Moore

Award:  The Douglas Wolfe Turrell Memorial Community Service Award
Contact:  Mr. Turrell

Award: Elaine Steward Tyrrell Memorial Scholarship
Contact: Mr. Tyrrell

Award:  Elizabeth Dickinson Dunlap Scholarship
Contact:  Mrs. Miller and Ms. Damos

Award:  The Elmer E. Pierce Speech Prize
Contact:  None

Award:   Fred J. Brotherton Charitable Foundation
Donors:  Ms. Ligus

Award: Fulton Bank Scholarship
Contact: Mr. Keith German

Award: Garden State Scholarship
Donors: Professor Cleary

Award:  Grauert Prize in English
Contact:  None

Award:  H. Graham Dubois Award for Literature
Contact:  Ms. Kutz
Award:  Harry J. Strickhausen Award for Excellence in Writing
Contact:  Professor Adamo

Award:   The Harry Stickhausen Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Contact:  None

Award:   Harry Strickhausen Memorial Scholarship
Contact:  None

Award:  Heath Prize in Chemistry
Contact:  None

Award:  James Gregory Smith Memorial Scholarship
Contact:  Dr. Lewthwaite

Award:  The Jane Barbara Thomas Scholarship in Fashion Merchandising
Contact:  None

Award:  Jerome Kaiser Part time Business Student Award
Contact:  None

Award:  Johnson & Johnson Pre-Professional Health Care Scholarship
Contact:  Ms. Joanne Fillweber

Award:   Jones Fashion Scholarship
Contact:  Ms. Tejero-DeColli

Award: Koch Family Scholarship
Contact: Mr. and Ms. Koch

Award:   Lackland Centenary Award
Contact:  Mr & Mrs. Lackland

Award:   Linne Family Scholarship
Contact:  Mr. & Mrs. Linne

Award:   Longfield Family Scholarship
Contact:  Mr. & Mrs. Longfield

Award:   Margaret C. Snyder ‘29 Scholarship
Contact:  None

Award:   Margaret de Neufville Scholarship Fund
Contact:  Dr. de Neufville

Award:  Perricone Family Sports Management Award
Contact:  Mr. Perricone

Award:   President’s Circle Scholarship
Contact:  Ms. Moran and Ms. Rowland

Award:  Raymond Sloan Scholarship in the Arts
Contact:  Ms. Lisowski-Sloan

Award:  Raymonde Maurice Award
Contact:  Ms. Blackwell

Award:  Richard A. Dennis Scholarship
Contact:  Mrs. Dennis

Award:   Robert & Christine Cox Family Scholarship
Contact:  Mr. & Mrs. Cox

Award:  Robert Sydney Needham Memorial Scholarship
Contact:  Ms. Duggins

Award:  Ruth Ericksen Andrews '56 Scholarship
Contact: None

Award: Sol J. Barer Schl. in Life Sciences
Contact: Mr. Geissman

Award:  Susan Bao ENACTUS Scholarship
Contact:  Mr. Rohrs

Award: Stutzman Prize in Biology
Contact:  none

Award: Union Scholars E.J. Grassmann Trust
Contact: Mr. Engel

Award: Union County Students Scholarship Fund
Contact: Mr. Engel

United Methodist Allocation Scholarship
Contact: Ms. Steward

United Methodist Foundation Merit Scholarship
Contact: Ms. Cook

Award:  United Way of Northern New Jersey Women's Leadership Council Scholarship
Contact:  Ms. Brelvi

Award:  UPS Undergraduate Scholarship
Contact:  Mr. Martinez