Presidential Scholar Recipients

2016 Presidential Scholars
  • 2016 Presidential Scholars
Micheal Clinton
  • Micheal Clinton
Caleb Bergner
  • Caleb Bergner
Margaret Hall
  • Margaret Hall
Samantha Frosch
  • Samantha Frosch
Glenn Allen
  • Glenn Allen
Jonathen Munoz
  • Jonathen Munoz
Christopher Snow
  • Christopher Snow
Rebecca Clinebell
  • Rebecca Clinebell
Abigail Voelkner
  • Abigail Voelkner
Sabrina Vargas
  • Sabrina Vargas
Jessica Ervey
  • Jessica Ervey
Catherine Godlewsky
  • Catherine Godlewsky
Alex Bunting
  • Alex Bunting
Julianne Duus
  • Julianne Duus
William Squares
  • William Squares
Justina Gun
  • Justina Gun
Kelly Petersen
  • Kelly Petersen
Alan Sciarrillo
  • Alan Sciarrillo
Alexandra Onishchuk
  • Alexandra Onishchuk
Joseph Anselmo
  • Joseph Anselmo
Paige Granato
  • Paige Granato
Marcus Garcia
  • Marcus Garcia
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Program Assistants

Ashley Spaventa
  • Ashley Spaventa
Julian Munoz
  • Julian Munoz
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Selection of Scholars

Names and profiles of finalists for the Presidential Scholarship award are reviewed by the specific departments for further evaluation. In addition, candidates will undergo on-campus interviews with faculty, students and current department presidential scholars (if applicable).  Upon completion of the final interview/campus visit, each department submits their candidate to the Vice President of Academic Affairs’ Office.  In an effort to provide scholars a reasonable time to decide which college they should attend, Centenary College will notify recipients of these awards by March.

Program Criteria

  • 3.6 G.P.A. or higher 
  • 1100 Critical Reading + Math or 24 ACT
  • Students must complete a Writing Portfolio for accurate placement
  • Scholarship offered annually for a maximum of four years (eight semesters)
  • Students must be full-time and have filed a completed admissions application by the January deadline
  • Students must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine eligibility (yearly)
  • Awards are offered through the admissions process