Financial Aid Policies

Students have rights and responsibilities for various policies associated with financial aid.

Students are responsible for making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Our Satisfactory Academic Progress webpage explains what the policy means and provides links to the full policy for traditional undergraduate, undergraduates in the School of Professional Studies, and graduate students.

Withdrawing from a class is a serious step and students should consult the Student Withdrawal and Return of Title IV Funds webpage for information on consequences of withdrawal as well as resources that may assist in preventing the need to withdraw.

Students looking to appeal for additional semesters of their admissions award should consult the Admission Award Renewal Policy and Appeals Procedure webpage for more information about the appeals process.

Staff Contact Info

Staff Information

Tonya Williams
Director of Financial Aid

Rebecca Rees
Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Eloise Murray
Financial Aid Counselor

Miguelinne Timoteo
Administrative Assistant of Financial Aid