Paying Your Bill - Graduate Studies

You will be billed by the Student Billing Office for each semester that you attend Centenary College.

Fall semester bills are mailed to the student’s home in mid-June and are due in early August for the Fall Semester.

Spring semester bills are mailed in early December and are due in early January for the Spring semester.

Financial Aid on Billing Statements

If your financial aid is awarded but has not yet been disbursed, you may see your financial aid awards indicated as pending on your bill each semester. You are responsible for the balance that remains after all financial aid is applied.

Your financial aid will remain as pending on your bill until the scheduled disbursement date for each semester. Typically, the disbursements are scheduled for mid-semester.

Disbursement occurs when the actual funds from each financial aid award are credited to your student account. Disbursement cannot occur until your financial aid awards are finalized and all missing information has been received. Additionally, any financial aid that requires full time enrollment for the semester or payment period cannot be disbursed until attendance in at least twelve or more credits is confirmed.

Outside Awards

Since outside awards are determined by an office outside of Centenary, for example your local bank, a financial aid award may be removed from your account after disbursement has occurred. This can occur if you fail to respond or submit to requests for additional information.

You will be notified by the source agency (for example: your local bank ) when this occurs.

Please visit our Disbursement website for more information about this process.

Staff Information

Evelynne Blatt
Director of Financial Aid

Joanna Cellary
Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Colleen Drum
Administrative Assistant

Eloise Murray
Financial Aid Counselor