Financial Aid Award Letter

Your Financial Aid Award Letter will indicate the estimated amount of financial aid that you may be eligible to receive. Please note that all funds will be applied to your student account, except work study which you can earn throughout the year. If you are a continuing student, you will receive one paper award letter after your financial aid is repackaged. Follow-up award letters reflecting further changes to your financial aid will be sent to your college e-mail address.

Your financial aid award is based on the information provided on your FAFSA. There are many cases where our office will require additional documentation or forms in order to determine your actual award amount; however, you may still receive an estimated award until all documents and forms are received. You can also view NetPartner at any time to determine what our office requires.

If your financial aid award letter contains Federal Direct Subsidized or Unsubsidized loans, you can go to our Federal Direct Loan Program webpage for more information on how these loans work. If you are not declining your Federal Direct Subsidized or Unsubsidized loans, be sure to complete your Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling online at www.studentloans.gov well in advance of coming to campus.

If you would like to reduce or decline your Federal Direct Loans or a Perkins Loan, you must submit a written note to the Financial Aid Office or an e-mail to finaid@centenarycollege.edu from your college e-mail account stating the following:

  • If you are requesting to reduce or cancel your loan
  • Which loan the change applies to
  • How much of the loan you are reducing/canceling
  • For what school year and/or semester the change applies to


Balances and Remaining Charges

If your financial aid award for a given term does not cover all of your charges for that term, you will be responsible for the difference. There are many options for any remaining balance that you have including payment plans as well as private and parent loans. To find out more information about these opportunities, please give us a call (ext. 2350) or e-mail us at finaid@centenarycollege.edu

Contact Us:

NetPartner - Aid Online

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General Office Contact Information

Phone: 908-852-1400 ext. 2350
Email: finaid@centenarycollege.edu


Staff Contact Information

Evelynne Blatt
Director of Financial Aid

Jessica Rhodes
Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Joanna Cellary
Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Amanda Stecko
Financial Aid Counselor

Kathy Worth
Administrative Assistant

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