Renewing Your Financial Aid - SPS

Your financial aid is reviewed and awarded on an annual basis. Different awards have different requirements for renewal. Special requirements will be indicated in the message section of NetPartner as well as in the detailed award information on our Graduate Studies Types of Aid page.

All financial aid requires that a student maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). You can find out more about SAP on our Policies page.

Annual FASFA Requirement

In addition, all federal, state, and need based institutional funds require that a student complete their FAFSA each year. The FAFSA should be filed no later than April 1st to ensure processing in time for the payment deadline.

Centenary College provides assistance with this process. To inquire about how to complete a FAFSA, please contact us at finaid@centenarycollege.edu.

Additional Requirements

Some awards will have specific requirements for participation. Please refer to the information on each individual award for more clarification.

Staff Information

Evelynne Blatt
Director of Financial Aid

Joanna Cellary
Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Colleen Drum
Administrative Assistant

Eloise Murray
Financial Aid Counselor