Equine Student of the Month - 2009-2010

Nicole Mandracchia, March 2010 Equine Student of the Month, and Also.

Nicole Mandracchia named March 2010 Student of the Month

The Equine Studies Department is thrilled to recognize Miss Nicole Mandracchia as the March 2010 Equine Student of the Month. She is the only first-year student to ever receive this distinction. 

She currently rides with and works for Robin Fairclough. Prior to her career at Centenary College, she competed in the Medal/Maclays for two years and owned three horses. Nicole became involved with horses because they fascinate her and she would like to learn as much as she possibly can about them.  Nicole enjoys their grace, beauty and the adrenaline rush she gets when a course goes well or a horse finally masters a training technique.  Without a doubt, it is the best feeling in the world to her.

Nicole is extremely busy at Centenary College being a member of the IHSA team as well as being a ‘liaison’ for all the teams horse show results and articles.  Nicole updates the Equine website with the members of the teams, horse show results, and articles on prestigious events held at the Equine Center.  Nicole is extremely hard working and is always willing to lend a hand wherever she is needed. Affectionately known as "Smiley," she is always around the barn and in class with a smile on her face and always looking at the positive side of situations.

Nicole’s hobbies outside all her class work, riding, and showing include hanging out with friends and reading.  Nicole would like to work as a trainer and be respected for her honesty and horsemanship, but her ideal job would be being a trainer and contributing articles to nationally-recognized horse magazines.

Nicole’s favorite Centenary-owned horses are Slim, Charlie Brown, Also, Elo, and Onassis.

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Charlene Benson, February 2010 Equine Student of the Month, and King

Charlene Benson named February 2010 Student of the Month

It is with great pleasure that the Equine Studies Department announces that Miss Charlene Benson is the recipient of Centenary College’s Equine Student of the Month award for February 2010. Miss Benson will be receiving her BS in Equine Studies this May. She has been a constant presence in the barn as a work-study employee and has taken a special interest in some particular college owned horses including King, Graffiti, and Pandour during her four years at Centenary College. In addition, for the past two years, she has worked diligently with her personal project horse, TJ.

Miss Benson has been an active participant in the extra-curricular activities offered within the Centenary College Equine Studies Program. She has been a member of both the IHSA and Hunter/Jumper Teams during her time as a student. She is currently the co-captain of the Hunter/Jumper Team and as such has been instrumental in many team fundraising efforts and the organization of the schooling shows held at Centenary. In 2009, Miss Benson competed on “King’s Ransom” at the Garden State Horse Show in the Adult Equitation Division. In the current academic year, she secured a division championship in the Suitable Hunters with Graffiti at the Duncraven Horse Show and will finish out her senior year once again representing Centenary at Garden State in May.

Prior to coming to Centenary, Miss Benson began her riding career at only 8 years of age and has owned her own horse since 2000. She has ridden at the same barn, located near her home in Birdsboro, PA. since that early age. In addition to riding, she enjoys swimming, fishing, and spending time with friends and family. Upon graduation, she hopes to secure a job in the equine industry that involves some riding and teaching.

Miss Charlene Benson embodies the qualities expected of a Centenary College Equine Studies graduate. In addition to the many contributions she has made to the facility and to the riding teams, she has been an asset to the college as a Resident Assistant for the past two years. The Equine Studies Department is extremely appreciative to Miss Benson for all of her service to Centenary College and proud to have her as a representative of the institution.

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Randi Cashman, January 2010 Student of the Month

Randi Cashman named January 2010 Student of the Month

The Equine Studies Department is proud to announce Miss Randi Cashman as January’s Equine Student of the month for 2010.  

Randi Cashman is an Equine Studies junior at Centenary, concentrating in Teaching and Training.  Randi has proven to be a valuable asset for the Equine Studies Program and the College.  She is the first person to lend a helping hand with any horse show, barn work or office work when needed.  Randi represents the Western team as the captain and demonstrates a tremendous amount of leadership in this role.  She encourages her teammates and inspires them to achieve greatness. Randi is responsible for maintaining and reporting the competition points for the entire region on the IHSA team; a task which frequently appears as a full time occupation.

Randi not only displays her school spirit with helping the program, but she also provides tours for the Admissions Department.  Randi Cashman is a role model for all of the other Equine Studies students because she is always one step ahead of being asked to do something.  She always follows through no matter if it is 6 in the morning or 10 at night and always does it with a positive attitude.

Randi’s favorite horses include Hobbes, Graffiti and Carter.

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Kelly Arvidson, November 2009 Equine Student of the Month, with Trident.

Kelly Arvidson named November 2009 Student of the Month

Miss Kelly M. Arvidson has been named the Centenary College 2009 November Equine Student of the Month.  As a current junior, Kelly has demonstrated exemplary initiative in the barn and with the Equestrian Center.  Currently she completes work-study hours in the barn and can be frequently found at 7am tending to the College’s horses.  She performs these tireless tasks willingly and without complaint.  Recently, Miss Arvidson has demonstrated a strong interest in the medically related events at that the Equestrian Center.  Whether it is a dissection laboratory, surgical procedure, or lameness examination, Kelly can be found front and center.

Miss Arvidson is an active member of the IHSA and Hunter-Jumper Team at Centenary College.  In the spring 2008, Kelly represented Centenary College and finished 2nd in the Novice Flat division of Nationals in Los Angeles, CA.  Miss Arvidson is an Equine Studies Major with a concentration in Equine Business Management.  In the future, Kelly hopes to own her own sales and training barn specializing in all the hunter/jumper divisions.

Kelly Arvidson grew up in Monroe Township, NJ and has been riding since she was 7 years of age.  She has successfully competed in the hunter divisions.  In 2005, Kelly competed and won the year end Zone 2 Children’s Hunter Finals.  In addition, she successfully competed and received ribbons at the Marshal Sterling Finals 2005-2007.  She has since retired her 22 year old Hanovarian Thoroughbred gelding, named Trident who competed at all these events.  Kelly is currently working with and training her horse Winston who is boarded at the Equestrian Center.  In addition, Kelly maintains a special place in her heart for the Centenary-owned horses, Onasis, Dakota, and Also.  The Equine Studies Department commends Kelly on her accomplishments and this award.

Ellen Rauchbach, October 2009 Student of the Month, with Mia.

Ellen Rauchbach named October 2009 Student of the Month

The Equine Studies Department is excited to announce that Ellen Rauchbach is the 2009 October Equine Student of the Month for Centenary College.  Ellen is deserving of this distinction for the countless hours that she volunteers at the Equestrian Center, helping around the barn as well as actively participating in events and functions associated with the college.  As a current sophomore student, she can always be found lending a hand to staff and students alike whether she is directly involved or not.  Ellen has proved to be an exceptional student both inside and outside the classroom.

Ellen is an active member of the IHSA and Western Teams at Centenary College.  Last year, Miss Rauchbach competed in the Tournament of Champions, Regions at Briarwood, and at Zones at Centenary, where she was the only first year to represent the college.  She is an Equine Studies major concentrating in Teaching and Training.  Ellen hopes to pursue a career as a future instructor of advanced riders in both the hunter and equitation divisions, while owning her own facility.  Additionally, she has not ruled out the possibility of entering the world of academia as an instructor and professor.

Miss Rauchbach grew up in Toms River, NJ has been riding since she was 12 years of age and actively competed in both Western and Hunter divisions.  During her younger years, Ellen was a 4-H member and eventually the President of her organization.  In 2007, she was named the Equestrian of the Year from Ocean County and traveled to Atlanta, GA as the State’s representative for the National Congress.  In high school, Ellen was a member of the National Honor’s Society.

Ellen has two older sisters and a younger brother, and is the only family member who has migrated towards horses and riding.  Her interest in horses stems from a childhood friend who encouraged Ellen to take a riding lesson one day and the rest was history.  Back in Toms River, Ellen has two dogs named Blue and Brie and a cat.  During her college career, Ellen has become extremely fond of two Centenary-owned horses, Mia and Cali.  The Equine Studies Department looks forward to Miss Rauchbach’s intercollegiate and future career.

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Juliana Connors, September 2009 Student of the Month, with Benchmark.

Juliana G. Connors named September 2009 Student of the Month

It is with great pleasure that the Equine Studies Department announces that Miss Juliana G. Connors is September’s Equine Student of the Month for 2009.  Juliana has been riding for almost 10 years in the hunter/jumper industry and was born and raised in Hebron, CT.  Back in Connecticut, Juliana lives with her two brothers and five cats.
Miss Connors transferred to Centenary College in the Spring ’09 as a sophomore and quickly made a name for herself.  She joined and successfully competed with the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) during her first semester at Centenary.  Juliana was selected to compete for Nationals and placed 5th in Novice Over Fences.  She represented Centenary College in this competition and helped the team capture the title of National’s Champion.

From the beginning of her time here at Centenary College, Julianna could be found helping around the barn during any free time she had.  Miss Connors also worked at the Equestrian Center this past summer.  Despite the heat, humidity, and rigors, Juliana worked with efficiency, dependability, and a warm smile.  Half way through the summer she worked for hunter/jumper professional Courtney Boyd with Court Lin Frae Stables at the Vermont Summer Festival Horse Show.  She gained valuable experience in a horse show setting, dealing with the stresses of preparing ponies, hunters and jumpers for top competition.

Today, she continues to work at the Equestrian Center and is a great addition to our work study program.  Juliana is patient with students and horses alike and can be found working in the barn even on her days off.  During her short time at Centenary College, Miss Connors has developed her favorite Centenary-owned horses, Slim and Benchmark.  She provides them the best of care, and you can always see her fussing over them and giving them much deserved attention.

Miss Connors is an Equine Studies major with a concentration in Equine Science.  She hopes to continue riding and training horses as a future career however she is keeping her options open.  Her motivation is based upon horse care and the education of future riders regarding horsemanship.  

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