The Writing Collaboratory


English tutoring takes on a whole new form at The Writing Collaboratory.  Students are offered peer-to-peer consultations at all stages of the writing process. Our well-trained staff is dedicated to fostering confidence and positive attitudes toward writing through comprehensive, inclusive dialogue.  Tutoring sessions help students understand that developing writing skills is an ongoing and worth-while process.

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Students can expect a comfortable, collaborative environment that will:

  • Help students become more effective writers
  • Make students aware of various writing strategies
  • Promote critical thinking
  • Embrace diverse perspectives
  • Provide animal crackers

See the Collaboratory

We love our inviting and fun work space. 

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What is "Inclusive Dialogue?"

Inclusive dialog invites both parties (tutor and tutee) to engage in a conversation about writing that welcomes and embraces multiple concepts and processes all of which lead to shaping a "mindful" writer.  This is the core belief behind The Collaboratory and the key to the success of our students. 

Contact Information

Location: Seay 019
Phone: ext. 2400
Email: collaboratory@centenarycollege.edu


Hours of Collaboration

Monday to Thursdays

10am to 7pm

Peer-to-Peer Consultation

Free 30-minute peer-to-peer consultations

  • Drop in or schedule an appointment
  • Help with any type of writing
  • Help with any stage of the writing process
  • Writers helping writers
  • Bring your work in on a USB, laptop, or printed copy

Conversation Groups

Conversation groups are hosted by a tutor at the Writing Collaboratory and gives students an opportunity to socialize with their peers in a comfortable environment. The conversation group times are:

Monday: 1-2 pm

Tuesday: 5-6 pm

Wednesday: 4-5 pm

Thursday: 3-4 pm