English Department Faculty


Department Chair

Department Faculty

Dr. Chris Adamo

Associate Professor of Philosophy
Graduate Program Director of English
Phone: ext. 2021
Email: adamoc@centenarycollege.edu

Carol Barnett

Assistant Professor of English
Phone: ext. 2120
Email: barnettc@centenarycollege.edu

Robert Battistini

Assistant Professor of English
Phone: ext. 2283
Email: battistinir@centenarycollege.edu 

Dr. Klara Lutsky

Assistant Professor of English
Phone: ext. 2063
Email: lutskyk@centenarycollege.edu

Dr. Patrick Maley

Assistant Professor of English
Phone: ext. 2272
Email: maleyp@centenarycollege.edu

Dr. Lisa Mastrangelo

Associate Professor
Phone: ext. 2331
Email: mastrangeloL@centenarycollege.edu 

Emilia Phillips

Assistant Professor of Creative Writing
Phone: ext. 2385
Email: phillipse01@centenarycollege.edu 

Dr. Richard Severe

Assistant Professor of English
Director of the Writing Collaboratory
Phone: ext. 4498
Email: severer@centenarycollege.edu

Dr. Arlene Young

Assistant Professor of English
Phone: ext. 2227
Email: younga@centenarycollege.edu

Contact Our Faculty

If you are a member of the press and would like to interview a Centenary College faculty member, please contact Annamaria Lalevee at 908-852-1400, ext. 2238.