Master of Arts in Education: Instructional Leadership - 36 Credits

About Our Program

The Master of Arts in Education: Instructional Leadership is designed to enhance the competencies, knowledge and skills of educational professionals in the areas of design, implementation, practice and assessment of instructional programs.

The MA is designed to equip professional educators with the skills necessary to become master teachers and instructional leaders in public and private schools. This program is designed to be utilized by public and private school teachers.

Program Goals

  • To Develop master teachers and instructional leaders.
  • To Enhance the instructional competencies and knowledge of members of the education profession.
  • To Provide educational institutions with master teachers skilled in the art of designing, implementing, delivering, and assessing instructional programs.
  • To Enrich and foster an understanding of individual differences and how they can be addressed.
  • To Foster collaboration among instructional professionals from educational institutions and corporate organizations.
  • To Develop an understanding of outcome and performance-based assessment.
  • To Enable individuals to understand, interpret and extend research in the field of educational psychology, instructional leadership, staff development, and curriculum development.

Centenary College’s long history in training teachers goes back more than 50 years. But our education program and our faculty are on the forefront of developing new, innovative ways to train tomorrow’s teachers and to continue to train them throughout their careers.

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Program Advisor:

Dr. Timothy Frederiks
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