Graduate Education Programs

Learning does not end with the bachelor's degree.  As educators it is our responsibility to continually develop our skills and knowledge to push our ever growing student base further in their own education. 

Centenary College offers a variety of Masters and Certification programs developed for educators of all ages and disciplines.  Our degrees focus on leadership skills, special needs education, and contemporary educational practices.  We offer both online and traditional "on-ground" style learning environments.  

Fitting Your Lifestyle

Because of the unique schedule teachers work we have collaborated with local school districts to offer our programs on elementary and secondary campuses so that we are able to bring your education to you.  These Professional Development Schools (PDS) agreements benefit everyone involved.  Teachers have local access to classes at convenient times, school districts have a higher number of teachers earning advanced degrees and increasing their knowledge base and Centenary is able to continue our mission by offering student-based learning experiences and maintaining our standing as a beacon of education in Northern New Jersey.

Jenna Racioppi
Graduate Enrollment Counselor
(908) 852-1400 ext. 2074