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The Counseling Center provides a number of printed and online resources for students and their families. Select Links and Resources  to get publications and web-based information.

For parents of new college students we offer a list reading resources on the transition to college.

Click to download a copy of college transition suggested readings. DOC

MP3 Relaxation Exercise

Stressed? Anxious? Worried?

Research shows that relaxation exercise can be effective in reducing stress, anxiety and excessive worry.

This MP3 Relaxation Exercise (9:00 mins.) will guide you to relaxation by coaching you to flex and then release the major muscle groups of your body while breathing deeply and letting tension go. It is most effective when practiced regularly. By practicing this exercise you will learn to recognize the different feeling of a relaxed muscle from a tense muscle, you will be able to identify where in your body you carry tension and you will be able to employ this method when encountering stressful situations like test taking or public speaking.

You may listen to it directly from this Web page or download it to an MP3 player or your computer for more convenient listening. This clip is accessible only if you are connected to the Centenary College network.

Listen to/Download the MP3 Relaxation Exercise with Lorna Farmer.

Listen to/Download an MP3 of our Mindfulness Meditation Exercise with Mary O'Malley.

Virtual Stress Workship

"Use it and Lose it" as an insightful and useful PowerPoint show created by the Counseling Center at Northern Michigan University. This virtual workship will help you to:

  • Identify the symptoms and causes of stress.
  • Discover how different personality-types react to stress.
  • Apply different strategies to manage the effects of stress.

Download and view "Use it and Lose it" now.

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