Performance Studies

Centenary College’s performance studies concentration is a BA in learning about the tools needed to have in your “tool box” to have a life in the theatre.

While the performance studies concentration is commonly referred to as the “acting” concentration, the distinction should be noted that in order for a performer to have a life in the theatre they must learn all aspects of the craft.

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At Centenary College, students will have the opportunity to act right alongside Broadway stars in Centenary Stage Company productions, have an opportunity to be trained in three distinct performance venues, have multiple performance opportunities ranging from Tour for Young Audiences to main stage productions, and a learn by doing philosophy.

Chorus from "Antigone" Spring 2010.
Adapted by Rachael Scardelli (Class of 2011)
Directed by Prof. Stephen Davis
"Light Up The Sky"
With Emilio Tirri (Class of 2012)