WNTI Public Radio
from Centenary College

Who is WNTI?

WNTI is an active part of Centenary College and the community at large, priding itself on bringing its listeners the very best new music, familiar favorites, community updates, interviews, and fun!

WNTI radio has come a long way in the 54 years it has been on air.  We hold on to tradition and work hard to provide FM radio, the way it was at its roots, while still keeping up with the times!


WNTI's broadcasts an AAA or Adult Album Alternative format. This means small label artists, classic and up-and-coming performers, plus local talent. It's a mix that appeals to listeners from 20 to 90!

Live DJ’s, 24/7 broadcast and webcast, community involvement and in-studio performances are all part of WNTI. Our DJ's answer calls from the listeners, we take requests, we have conversations, we really connect with our audience.

WNTI also welcomes in-studio guests of all genres. They include local musicians as well as nationally known performers. There aren’t many radio stations left that allow live in studio performances by musicians, but WNTI is one of them that prides itself on spotlighting these great talents.

Teaching radio from the ground up

Boasting a state of the art facility inside the David and Carol Lackland Center, WNTI trains Centenary College's TV/Radio students to be ready for the real world of radio and television.

There's more to broadcast music than just the top 50 commercial hits! If you join our list of interns we'll teach you to be on-air, how to interview, how to research your subject, how to edit the recorded piece, and how our unique format all fits together. 


WNTI partners with many not-for-profit organization events in our area, including: ARC/NORWESCAP's Grand Harvest Wine and Music Festival, the Abilities' Annual Black Tie Dinner Dance, and the United Way of Northern NJ.

WNTI also assists with community events including:

Many of the WNTI staff members emcee festivals and events throughout the year which gives the station and Centenary College exposure to people that may not have otherwise heard about us.

What is a non-commercial National Public Radio (NPR) station?

Non-commercial public radio, or NonComm as it's known in the industry, is public and listener supported. We have underwriters instead of advertisers. An underwriter is a business that sponsors the station. We, in turn, record and air spots about their business.

NonComm Broadcasters cannot use any adjectives to describe the business or product; no calls to action or money/discounts can be mentioned. This special type of radio station is limited to saying factual information only (e.g. the name of the business, their location, contact information, etc.).

Because WNTI is a non commercial public radio station, we rely on listener support and corporate underwriting for our funding. Two on air membership drives are held each year, April and October, with each raising over $65,000.00. Concerts and other fundraising events are held throughout the year as well.

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