Communication Degree with a
Film Studies concentration

Our Film Studies concentration opens students' eyes to the filmic art form by examining what has come before and how that broad body of work has inspired today's filmmakers enhancing the communication degree by contributing to the thorough understanding of film and its purpose in our society and history.

The film writer as a storyteller of modern mythology and historical record is at the core of the program.  Classes discuss examples of cinema as a mirror of the political, social, and economic realities of various time periods, as well as the entertainment content we expect from movies.  Courses in global cinema, famous movie directors, best documentaries and independent film, literature to film, and film & philosophy are offered to create a well-rounded and thorough understanding of film.

Centenary's small classes allow for free-wheeling discussion and close student/professor and student-to-student connections. We broaden students' horizons and help fine-tune their already-existing impressions.  Students explore the director's vision, the use of lighting, color, B&W, camera angles and lenses, editing, pacing, script writing, special effects, casting and acting, and why popular film quotes make an impact.  For example, in order to better understand not only the film's intent, but its importance.

Our graduates might find themselves part of the collaborative filmmaking process, taking graduate work, working as film critics or teachers/college faculty members.

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