Your 4-Year Action Plan

Follow the guide below to make sure you are ready for graduation with a career in mind!

Year One - Exploration

• Visit Career Center & explore onsite and online resources
• Assess interests through FOCUS Career Assessment
• Participate in campus activities
• Join at least one student group or organization
• Work part-time on-or-off campus; secure summer work position
Volunteer, help others in community
• Familiarize yourself with degree audit system and minors
• Identify academic advisors and meet with them; research careers
• Maintain a high GPA (minimum 3.0)
• Research on-campus Student Employment program

Year Two - Connection

• Meet with advisor, Career Center to discuss major if undecided
• Research & prepare internship opportunities
• Participate in resident hall and student organizations
• Run for campus or organizational leadership positions
• Refine a list of interests, work values, skills
• Work part-time or during summer related to career interests
• Participate in mock interviews at Career Center
• Volunteer for organizations of interest
• Start informational interviews to obtain occupation information
• Draft résumé with Writing Collaboratory & Career Center

Year Three - Engagement

• Develop clearly stated career goals
• Meet with Career Center to discuss goals and internships
• Attend campus career fairs
• Apply for academic internships
• Take on campus leadership positions
• Get a LinkedIn profile and connect with other students and alums
• Narrow down occupational choices to between 1-3, and research them
• Develop graduate school application plans, prepare for GRE exam
• Join a professional association
Update resume to reflect experience and career goals
• Participate in mock interviews
• Participate in alumni job shadowing/mentoring

Year Four - Execution

• Develop a written career plan
• Meet with Career Center staff to discuss plan and goals
• Update and revise résumé
• Develop your personal brand
• Research organizations and industries that “fit” your career goals
• Attend Career Center events on campus
• Apply to graduate school, take GRE
• Volunteer with different organizations
• Refine list of occupational options
• Utilize alumni network of contacts
• Join professional associations
• “Clean Up” online presence
• Confirm professional resources
• Start interviewing for positions

Career Center at Centenary College!

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Outline your plan using the "Build Your Action Plan" section of FOCUS and generate an instant resume!