Internship Procedures

What should you do if your advisee is interested in pursuing an internship? 

 Academic Internship Procedure

  1. Student discusses internship candidacy and relevance with advisor
  2. Student secures an official offer from the internship employer or works with Internship Coordinator to secure a position
  3. Student visits the Career Center for internship paperwork
  4. Student has employer supervisor fill out employer section of paperwork and sign
  5. Student brings paperwork to advisor for review and signature
  6. Student brings paperwork to department chair for review and signature
  7. Student returns paperwork to Career Center, where it is reviewed, signed, and sent to VP of Academic Affairs for final approval
  8. Student begins logging internship hours
  9. Near end of internship, Internship Coordinator sends advisor employer evaluation for use in computing grade

Click here to view the full Centenary College Internship Policy.

Your Responsibilities as an Advisor

As an academic advisor, you play a major role not only in encouraging students to complete an internship, but in ensuring that the internship aligns with their goals and major field of study. After all, an internship is meant to directly complement what a student learns in the classroom.

You will need to assign learning objectives and an academic assignment to a student interning for academic credit. Upon reception of the employer evaluation, you can use the evaluation and academic assignment to compute the student's internship grade when grades are due at the end of the semester.

You are also responsible for submitting weekly attendance for each student interning.

We in the Career Center are here to help you and the interning student as much as possible. Aside from making site visits to students during their internships, we also collect information from student evaluations to ensure that internship opportunities provide the learning experience needed to increase their knowledge and skills in their field of study.