Business Administration

In today's world business is more than just money in and money out. Today we have a variety of aspects within business standards. Social Responsibility to consumers, customers, partners and the global community must be considered. Strategic thinking, ethics, and marketing skills are key in landing a great job post-graduation. 

5 Reasons to study Business
Administration at Centenary

Why you should study and earn your degree in Business Administration at Centenary is just as important as the degree itself. The following 5 reasons explain why and how Centenary stays at the cutting edge of business studies and techniques.

1. Faculty Experts

Our faculty have high-level Fortune 500 executive and industry leadership experience and bring specialized knowledge and contemporary practice to the learning environment.  Our faculty bring first-hand examples and training exercises into the classroom.  To learn more about the strength of the Business Studies faculty
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2. Diverse Learning Experiences

Students stand-out from others within their majors by picking from a variety of educational and internship opportunities. This unique take on college education allows the students to follow their own individual paths to knowledge development. Skills and information acquired when an individual has a vested interest in the topic encourage growth.

3. Hands-On Learning

Real-world learning provides students with many opportunities to experience how book study information and concepts can be applied to day to day business procedures.

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ENACTUS is a global social entrepreneurship program that provides student-driven, real-world opportunities to affect change through action. To learn more about ENACTUS and see what our students have accomplished please visit the ENACTUS website.»

5. Four Areas of Study

Centenary offers four concentration areas of study to enhance the education of our students.