History Degree at Centenary College

Centenary College’s History Program introduces students to the study of change over time. The program focuses on the meaning of change rather than memorization of names and dates, and it embraces the totality of human experience, including social and cultural developments as well as political events.

History majors develop strong critical thinking, analytical interpretation, and writing, a highly desired skill set in many professional fields and receive a solid grounding in World History and American History.  

Historical exploration of a range of geographical and topical areas is included in the History Program.  Among the areas are:

  • African American Experience
  • The History of New Jersey
  • Tudor and Stuart England
  • The Social History of Modern Europe and Modern Ireland
  • Middle Eastern History

Centenary students majoring in other disciplines, such as Criminal Justice, Government, Education and Equine Studies, will find History electives that give them new perspectives on their primary field, including: 

  • the History of Ideas
  • Issues in Environmental History
  • Crime in England

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Teacher Certification in History

Students who wish to become teachers may pursue certification through Centenary's Teacher Certification program.  Our renowned Education Program combines our quality History major with a thorough understanding of the skills needed to become a successful teacher.

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History Minor

The History Program’s focus on critical thinking, complex reasoning, and oral and writing skills complements careers in Education, Business, and Criminal Justice. Students interested in completing a minor in History must complete 16 credits in History above and beyond the classes used to complete the core requirements of the College. 

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What is History?

History is the study of past events, especially in regards to human affairs and experiences. By observing the past as a whole through various mediums, oral, written, building ruins and architecture, paintings and photographs students develop skills in theoretical and chronological analysis, identification of historical methods and techniques, and critical thinking about civilizations and their impact on the future, and developing an experiential base for a life plan.