Dr. Keith Morgen

Associate Professor of Psychology
Chair of the Institutional Review Board
Phone: ext. 2419
Email: morgenk@centenarycollege.edu

Academic Accomplishments

  • Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, Lehigh University, 2004
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, Behavioral Science Training in Drug Abuse Research 
  • Program, National Development & Research Institutes (New York, NY), 2003-2004
  • Pre-Doctoral Fellow, Behavioral Science Training in Drug Abuse Research 
  • Program, National Development & Research Institutes (New York, NY), 2001-2003
  • M.A., Clinical Psychology, Fairleigh Dickinson University, 1997 
  • B.A., Psychology, Drew University, 1994


Dr. Keith Morgen teaches in the undergraduate Psychology and graduate Counseling programs.  Dr. Morgen’s research on substance use, trauma, and prisoner mental health has been published in major scholarly journals such as Therapeutic Communities, The Gerontologist, The Professional Counselor, Journal of Correctional Healthcare, Journal of Addictions and Offender Counseling, Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly, Applied Research in Quality of Life, Journal of Drug Issues, and the Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education.  In addition, Dr. Morgen presents papers at major conferences such as the American Counseling Association, American Public Health Association, American Psychological Association, Eastern Psychological Association, and the College on Problems of Drug Dependence. 

Dr. Morgen directs an undergraduate substance use research team, where Psychology honor society students serve as researchers using actual large-scale data from various substance use treatment facilities and state prison systems. The student-led research has been presented at the Eastern Psychological Association Conference on a yearly-basis as well as such conferences as the American Counseling Association and the National Organization for Forensic Social Work.

Dr. Morgen is a former President (2013-14) of the International Association of Addictions and Offender Counselors (a division of the American Counseling Association) and serves on the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Addictions and Offender Counseling and The Professional Counselor. 

Dr. Morgen is a Licensed Professional Counselor (New Jersey), National Certified Counselor, and Approved Clinical Supervisor and practices part-time in a practice focused on substance use and anxiety/mood disorders.  Dr. Morgen has been featured in regional newspapers and national professional outlets discussing mental health and substance use issues. 

Dr. Morgen is a past recipient of the Centenary College Distinguished Teaching Award.  


Keith is the adviser for the Presidential Scholar students who are majoring in Psychology.  To learn more about the Presidential Scholars and their achievements go to their site».


I run a research program focused on substance use issues.  Specific areas of inquiry include:

  • Treatment: Examination of motivation for treatment, counselor/client dynamics, and access to substance use disorder treatment services in prisons.
  • Spirituality: Study of how spirituality influences substance use disorder treatment and recovery, and how to train counselors to work with spirituality in their counseling.
  • Licensure Issues: Study of education, training, and ethical issues within addiction counseling.
  • Trauma: I study trauma prevalence, trauma severity, and related issues to trauma in the adult prisoner.
  • College: I study the prevalence/severity of alcohol use on-campus, prevention efforts to reduce excessive drinking, and effective crisis training for RAs and RDs.

I direct a substance use research team for Psychology honor society students.  These students work with real data from treatment facilities and design a research study that produces a meaningful contribution to the field.  Team members learn about key issues in substance use disorders treatment.  Team members learn how to function like a psychological researcher and have presented their work at the Eastern Psychological Association Conferences.  Some are currently working with me on turning those presentations into journal articles. 

Published Works

Astone-Twerell, J., Morgen, K., & Hsaio, C. (2014). Interrelationship of PTSD, perceived health, and treatment satisfaction. Therapeutic Communities: The International Journal of Therapeutic Communities, 35, 21-34. DOI: 10.1108/TC-05-2013-0009 http://www.emeraldinsight.com/journals.htm?issn=0964-1866&volume=35&issue=1&articleid=17108335&show=abstract

Maschi, T., Morgen, K., & Viola, D. (in-press). Unraveling trauma and stress, coping resources, and mental well-being among older adults in prison: Empirical evidence linking theory and practice. The Gerontologist. http://gerontologist.oxfordjournals.org/content/

Maschi, T., Viola, D., Morgen, K., & Koskinen, L. (in-press). Trauma, stress, grief, loss, and separation among older adults in prison: The protective role of coping resources on physical and mental well-being. Journal of Crime and Justice. 

Maschi, T., Morgen, K., Zgoba, K., Courtney, D., & Ristow, J.  (2011).  Age, cumulative trauma and stressful life events, and post traumatic stress symptoms among older adults in prison: Do subjective impressions matter?  The Gerontologist, 51(5), 675-686. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21852271

Morgen, K., Maschi, T., Viola, D., & Zgoba, K. (2013). Substance use disorder and the older offender. VISTAS. http://www.counseling.org/knowledge-center/vistas/vistas-2013.

Morgen, K., Morgan, O.J., Cashwell, C., & Miller, G.  (2010).  Strategies for the competent integration of spirituality into addictions counseling training and supervision.  Retrieved from http://counselingoutfitters.com/ vistas/vistas10/Article_84.pdf

Morgen, K. & Kressel, D.  (2010).  Motivation change in therapeutic community treatment.  Journal of Addictions and Offender Counseling, 30, 73-83. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/j.2161-1874.2010.tb00058.x/abstract

Morgen, K. & Morgan, O.J. (2011).  12-step spirituality.  In C.S. Cashwell & J.S. Young (Eds.), Integrating spirituality and religion in counseling: A guide to competent practice (2nd ed.), pp. 225-241.  Alexandria, VA:American Counseling Association. 

This is a sample list.  For a detailed list of publications please contact Dr. Morgen directly. 

Keith Morgen
Keith Morgen