Department of Behavioral and Historical Studies Faculty

Department Chair

Dr. Harriett Gaddy

Dr. Harriett Gaddy

Department Chair - Behavioral and Historical Studies 
Graduate Psychology Program Director
Phone: (908) 852-1400 ext. 2119
Email: gaddyh@centenarycollege.edu

Department Faculty

Meredith Drew

Dr. Meredith Drew

Assistant Professor of Psychology
Intership Coordinator for Psychology & Counseling Graduate Programs
Phone: 2254
Email: drewm@centenarycollege.edu

Christine Floether

Dr. Christine Floether

Associate Professor of Psychology
Phone: ext. 2115
Email: floetherc@centenarycollege.edu

Dr. Raymond Frey

Professor of History
Phone: ext. 2277
Email: freyr@centenarycollege.edu

Dr. Noah Haiduc-Dale

Dr. Noah Haiduc-Dale

Assistant Professor of History
Phone: ext. 2313
Email: haiduc-dalen@centenarycollege.edu 

Jeremy Houska

Dr. Jeremy Houska

Assistant Professor of Psychology
Phone: ext. 2052
Email: houskaj@centenarycollege.edu

Breandan Mac Suibhne

Dr. Breandán Mac Suibhne

Associate Professor of History
Phone: ext. 2375
Email: macsuibhneb@centenarycollege.edu

Keith Morgen

Dr. Keith Morgen

Associate Professor of Psychology
Phone: ext. 2419
Email: morgenk@centenarycollege.edu

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