Healthcare Administration Questions

Is Centenary College accredited?

Centenary College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. 

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I will be returning to school after being out for some time.  Can I succeed?

The MHA program is for adult students; and many of them have been out of school for extended periods.  Returning to school takes some adjustment; however, adult students quickly gain their confidence and thrive in the MHA’s learning environment.

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Is financial aid available, even if I receive tuition reimbursement from my employer?

MHA students have several sources of financial aid available; and students who receive tuition reimbursement from their employers may still qualify for financial aid.

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When can I begin the program?

You can begin the MHA program in the fall (August) or spring (January) semesters.

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The MHA program is offered in a cohort model.  What is a cohort?

Students take the MHA program with a group of students (cohort) who start, continue, and complete the MHA program together; and the cohort accomplishes the program courses in a predesigned order. Cohorts encourage the establishment of learning communities where students are better able support each other, and to engage in enhanced peer-to-peer learning. 

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When are classes offered; and are any of the courses online?

The MHA program is designed for the working professional.  Classes are offered in the evening; and students attend classes one night per week.  The MHA curriculum features integrated learning by linking many of the program’s courses; and all courses are offered in a blended format.  In this blended format, usually approximately half of the each of the courses’ classes are on-ground (face-to-face), and half of the classes online. The students accomplish online work during the weeks that they do not meet on-ground. This configuration allows the student to take two integrated courses in a particular semester, while only coming to class one evening per week. 

The integrated courses are linked regarding aspects of course content and learning opportunities. In integrated courses, students explore how diverse healthcare topics and issues are interrelated, and in what ways different academic, technical, and professional skill sets are linked. 

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Do I need previous health experience?

One of the MHA admission requirements is that you must have at least one year full-time equivalent experience in the health environment.          

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How rigorous is the MHA program?

The program is notably rigorous.  Health organizations want to hire and retain graduates of rigorous academic programs.  In this evolving health environment, health organizations seek to ensure that their employees are preeminently prepared to meet the demands of the changing health industry.  Graduates of rigorous programs like the MHA at Centenary College provide health organizations with a competitive advantage in this changing health industry.   

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